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What Do I Wear For My Body Type?

I’m certain that you have, at least once, tried on a dress that looks flawless in the store window, only to find that it is …

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Cracking the Body Enigma: The Irresistible Inverted Triangle

Continuing on with our quest to Crack the Body Enigma... Today we are discovering the Irresistible Inverted Triangle! You, my dear lady, are blessed, truly. My favorite IIT would have to be be Jessica Simpson. And I’ll tell you why: This woman is a talented designer and businesswoman, gorgeous, and hilarious to boot. But I have seen some of the terrible things said about her and her struggle with weight, especially before and after the birth of her daughter, Maxwell.

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Irresistible Inverted Triangle A-Listers

Irresistible Inverted Triangle by korikovacs on Polyvore

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Why Do You Wear Clothes?

Clothing is actually the most underutilized tool at our daily disposal (IMO of course!).... So often do we just go to the store, find our “size”, throw it in the cart, and hope that it “fits”. Will it meet the bare necessities? Most likely, yes. Will it be comfortable? Maybe. Will it flatter you? Well.... probably not, unless you get really lucky (refer to my first post, Rule No. 4... Try EVERYTHING on). What a lot of women don’t realize is....

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