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7 Interview Power Plays To Land Your Dream Job

You impressed them with your resume, got the interview, so now what? It's your time to shine and bring what you couldn't express in your resume. Your preparation will show and help to set you apart from the pack. Here are my top 7 interview power plays to land you that dream job.

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Your Career Matters: 8 Tips To Make It More Enjoyable!

Your career (business or job) is important to your life because you invest your time and energy into it for many hours of the day. And, anything you do this much affects your mood, health, relationships, and even your overall lifestyle. That said, you better believe it's crucial to do something that brings you joy and enrichment. If this is the case, why do so many women end up stuck in careers they don’t enjoy?

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Inspiration Is Everywhere – You Just Gotta Keep Diggin’

It’s in every industry, every walk of life – everywhere. And I’ve always held such inspirational people with huge respect and admiration. Those ladies who have already been featured on Women’s Lifelink’– most of whom are reaching for the stardom of entertainment and some already there. Such inspiration! And now, here is another group of amazing people – another group of people about whom I have always been fascinated and held equal respect and admiration – business women. Yes – business women. Many of whom are combining marriage, motherhood and many other aspects of life with business. And talk about inspiration personified!

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