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7 Interview Power Plays To Land Your Dream Job

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You impressed them with your resume, got the interview, so now what? It’s your time to shine and bring what you couldn’t express in your resume. Your preparation will show and help to set you apart from the pack. Here are my top 7 interview power plays to land you that dream job.

Interview Power Plays #1: Prepare Your Questions In Advance

Consider any opportunity as a partnership. You must feel it’s the right position for you, just as the company needs to know you are the one for the job. The only way to know for sure is to ask quality questions. Be genuinely interested in the company, the culture, and how they do things. If you aren’t, maybe it’s not the job for you.

What kind of career progression can you expect? Are there any significant challenges for the company? How do they conduct reviews and appraisals? These questions are not unreasonable. You have a right to ask whatever will help you make the right choice. Asking questions about the company, your role, and your colleagues demonstrates action.

Interview Power Plays #2: Know if You Need to Prepare Anything

When you’re invited to the interview, ask if you need to prepare anything. Even asking this will give you brownie points for preparedness. Many companies ask for a digital file of your previous work or awards. I’ve also seen some ask for video, portfolio, PowerPoint, and even complete market analysis presentation. If you’re asked to do a presentation, search for professional and unique presentation templates that will blow them away.

Brush up your portfolio with some of your more recent work. Also, make sure that it’s all relevant to the position. Having extra things to show them demonstrates you are savvy and ready for any challenge.

Interview Power Plays #3: Center Yourself and Relax

It’s natural to be nervous, but it’s vital that you don’t let your nerves affect your performance. Relax, take a deep breath, and know that you got this. Why? Because you are prepared. Speak at a normal speed, with confidence and inflection.

Also, remember your body can speak just as much as your mouth. Sit centered, forward, and with your arms in an open position. You want to look approachable and connected to your interviewer. Smile and make good eye contact.

Interview Power Plays #4: Talk about Yourself

Interviewers don’t just want to know about your work experience and career aspirations. They genuinely want to know about you, your personality, and even a sense of humor. Allow your answers and questions to reveal bits and pieces of you as the interview progresses. The interviewer is more likely to remember you if you’ve presented yourself as an engaging and enthusiastic individual.

Interview Power Plays #5: Counter Weaknesses

Now that you have an interview lined up, you need to revisit the job description and think of ways to counter any weaknesses you might have. First of all, don’t bring up a lacking skill unless the interviewer does.

If weak areas come up, explain to the interviewer how you plan to build up your skills in that area. For example, demonstrate that you are working toward a qualification or have signed up for short courses. By doing this, you are showing a willingness to grow.

Interview Power Plays #6: If You Want the Job, Ask for It

So many people leave interviews without saying they want the job. This is like presenting a wonderful product and not asking for the sale. That interviewer needs to know if you even want the job, so no time is wasted.

Even if you are not completely sure, it’s OK to say that you are interested in learning more about the company. You could even ask for some detailed company information or the names and emails of several employees. You can get a lot of inside info from present employees. Again, it also shows you as a detailed, proactive candidate.

Interview Power Plays #7: Don’t Forget the Basics

  • Dress in a way that communicates effort and professionalism.
  • Arrive early to your interview.
  • Be nice to the receptionist and any other employees you meet.
  • Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Be confident.

Remember, you have already impressed the interviewer enough to get the interview. Be yourself and show your personality.

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