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3 Early Signs Of Aging And What To Do About Them

At around age 33, or so, a precarious gaze in the mirror might turn into a critique-fest. "OMG, I have a wrinkle!" or "Why doesn't my skin look as radiant as it used to?" might slip out. Maybe a friend or colleague says you look a little tired, even though we feel well rested. Your first gray hairs might appear. And those fine lines you noticed in the mirror can be seen in photos. It’s a strange feeling, at first, to see early signs of aging, knowing that it's just the beginning.

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What is Skin Brushing?

I was first introduced to dry skin brushing years ago by a friend and have utilized the technique ever since. The first thing you should know is it has nothing to do with the hair on your body (unless your man looks like an ape and needs that type of grooming). Dry skin brushing is an easy, inexpensive way to invigorate your health.

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What Is Cellulite?

What exactly is cellulite, anyway? Great question considering most women don't know the answer. Well, it's not some new form of tissue, a special kind of fat that attacks your legs and butt, and it is not going to go away with some drugstore creme. Cellulite is, in fact, simply excess body fat. And because women happen to store more fat than men do, it is no surprise that we end up with warehouses of the stuff on our thighs.

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