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What Is Cellulite?

What exactly is cellulite, anyway?  Great question considering most women don’t know the answer.  Well, it’s not some new form of tissue, a special kind of fat that attacks your legs and butt, and it is not going to go away with some drugstore creme.  Cellulite is, in fact, simply excess body fat.  And because women happen to store more fat than men do, it is no surprise that we end up with warehouses of the stuff on our thighs.


The role of hormones in a woman’s body is huge.  They determine our mood, the condition of our skin, and unfortunately, the amount of fat we hang on to.  Over time the extra becomes distorted (dimply); this is when we refer to it as cellulite.  Though cellulite can plague any woman at any age, the latter years seem to produce more of the tissue distortion.  Pre-menopause and the abrupt skin changes that occur when you reach your late thirties and early forties can really be unkind to your girlie figure.  It’s definitely a time to take an inventory of what you’re eating and how many calories you need to maintain energy and a healthy weight.

Thin Skin and Connective Tissue

Women have thinner skin than men do.  This is one reason why fat tissue looks different on us.  Another reason is the underlying connective tissue that can separate fat into small compartments thus forming the “cottage cheese” look we all could live without.  Also, as we age, our skin becomes less resilient and loses much of its former elasticity.  The result is sagging and more fibrous tissue.

Health Warning

Regardless of what you call it, extra fat is a warning sign that something may not be right with your health.  If we are gaining weight and seeing our body’s beauty fade more and more every year, than it is likely that we aren’t providing it with vital nutrients, enough exercise, or the right kinds of foods.  Being over weight and carrying extra fat can even affect a woman’s attitude and confidence level, preventing her from engaging in healthy activities like swimming, dancing, and other sports.  I know when I am heavier and not happy with my body, depression and anxiety kick in with a vengeance.  Make sure that you have your doctor check your appropriate weight for your height and age. They can also let  you know if you need to change anything and how you might go about living a healthier lifestyle.

Unfair Comparison

Just a side note; make sure you don’t compare yourself to Hollywood’s idea of beauty.  Those women on the covers really do struggle with the same issues that we do; they just have Hollywood stylists, make up artists, and graphic experts to make them appear perfect.  They all have cellulite, stretch marks, and moles!  The other thing is they likely have to sacrifice a lot to stay that thin.  It’s their business to look their best.  It’s your business to stay healthy and the beautiful woman will appear!  Be well.

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