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3 Early Signs Of Aging And What To Do About Them

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At around age 33, or so, a precarious gaze in the mirror might turn into a critique-fest. “OMG, I have a wrinkle!” or “Why doesn’t my skin look as radiant as it used to?” might slip out.  Maybe a friend or colleague says you look a little tired, even though you feel well rested. Your first gray hairs might appear. And those fine lines you noticed in the mirror can be seen in photos. It’s a strange feeling, at first, to see early signs of aging, knowing that it’s just the beginning.

Even if you feel fit, young and fantastic in your thirties, know these changes (inside and out) have already begun! Thankfully, there are things that you can do to slow down the process, so you can look and feel youthful for as long as possible. Here are the top 3 areas you will notice signs of aging first and what you can do about them.

Early Signs of Aging #1: Your Hair

It’s funny how some women hardly go gray at all, while others notice their first “wisdom sparkles” in their early twenties.  Contrary to popular belief, grays aren’t caused by stress, in fact, they’re mostly genetic. So if you’ve grayed early, you have your parents to thank… or blame! Unfortunately, most DIY box dyes don’t cover gray hairs that well, especially if you have a lot of them. A visit to your hairdresser will be your best bet to keep the grays at bay. 

You may not see any grays yet, but you might have noticed your locks thinning out a bit or changing in texture. Though much of this type of aging happens later in life, it can certainly begin even in your thirties. I recommend that you use the best hair products you can afford and be careful not to over-process it. Keep in mind, your hair is also affected by your lifestyle, diet, exercise, and vitamin/mineral levels. A good Biotin supplement will help to keep your hair strong and healthy as you age.

Early Signs of Aging #2: Your Body

In your thirties, you may experience weight changes due to shifting levels of hormones.This can result in cellulite and pockets of stubborn fat, even if you’re in good shape. Also, many women give birth in their thirties. This can bring stretch marks, sagging breasts, and loose skin around the midsection. Though some of these body changes can be helped with diet, exercise, and skin care, some won’t budge without more invasion procedures. However, some less-complicated procedures like liposuction or body contouring can give you a boost back to your younger self. 

I taught my daughters from an early age to always take care of their skin (body and face). Early care with quality products keeps your skin nourished and supple. This, along with staying away from excessive sun tanning, will help keep you looking younger than you are for the rest of your life. Additionally, stay hydrated every day!

Early Signs of Aging #3: Your Face

A loss of collagen and hormonal changes result in a variety of changes in your face. Fine lines become more apparent. Thinning skin under the eyes can lead to dark circles, and the skin under the jaw isn’t as taut as it was in your twenties. Many of these changes are very subtle, especially in your early thirties. But, by the time you reach the end of the decade, you will look noticeably different. As I said, a good skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle is your best bet for keeping that youthful glow. If you smoke…quit! Drink too much…cut down! Eat terrible junk foods…stop it! 


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