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3 Areas Of Challenge For New Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur or running your own business is an adventure that tests even the strongest women. After all, the results of your choices and …

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5 Things Your Business Consultant Needs To Know

With so much quality action and good information needed to run a business successfully, you could feel a little overwhelmed and need some help. Hiring …

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4 Tips To Bust You Out Of A Career Rut

It’s pretty easy to figure out whether or not you’re in a career rut. A telltale sign is that queasy feeling you get on a Monday morning - the dread of having to go to a job you hate. You must deal with the same boring people, forcing yourself to go through the motions of your tedious day. And, though, I understand that you can't always just up and quit a job, there are some things that will bust you out of a career rut! Keep in mind, it's going to take some guts, energy, and consistency! Let's get you out of that rut!

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3 Effective Ways To Save Your Relationship

Has your relationship been in the red zone for longer than you care to admit? Have you both had enough? It might be time to make some changes. A lot of the time we avoid confronting problems because it seems easier than facing them. However, not addressing those problems may save you from having an awkward conversation, but it makes life harder. Why live in misery when you could solve the problem? The longer issues go unspoken, the more damage they can cause. Not sure how things could improve? These 3 effective ways to save your relationship are worth a try, at least.

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3 Ways To Stay Emotionally Healthy Before And During A Divorce

You've lived through the warning signs that your marriage is in trouble. You're done snapping at each other and being miserable. It's time to make a new plan. But, you ask yourself, "Where did things go wrong" in an attempt to understand. The thing is, marriages and long-term relationships tend to go downhill over the course of time, so it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly when the decline started. However, when you do acknowledge that things are just not working well, and you've done all that you can, it's time to consider ended things. Here are 3 things you can do to stay emotionally healthy before and during a divorce.

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