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5 Things Your Business Consultant Needs To Know

With so much quality action and good information needed to run a business successfully, you could feel a little overwhelmed and need some help. Hiring a business consultant or coach might be what you need to sharpen things up or pull yourself out of a slump. Just as with hiring any type of professional, it’s important to do your homework and know exactly what you need. Consultants vary in cost and functions, so do ask plenty of questions before you move forward. There are also some things your business consultant needs to know up front as well. Check out my top 5 so you can be prepared for your first meeting.

Your Monthly and Weekly Goals

One of the first things your business consultant needs to know is your goals. While your large and long-term goals are important, your short-term daily, weekly, and monthly goals reflect your current actions. These are the goals that show what kind of businesswoman you are- what holds together the foundation of what you do and the decisions you make.

Not only will your consultant advise you about whether the goals are appropriate but whether they will serve you in the long run. In fact, a quality consultant might even provide a guide to setting goals as a business. Make sure to ask if this is a part of the plan you are paying for.

Where You Want Your Business to Be in Ten Years

As mentioned above, your overall goals are important. This includes your long-term plans and goals. Let your new consultant know exactly what it is you want to achieve from your business, and whether or not your goal has a deadline. Together, you will create an action plan that serves this goal. Your consultant may also help you tweak this goal to reflect future predictions or possibility.

Your Current Business Strategy

Although you might be embarrassed about your current business strategy, it’s important to be honest and reveal what you’ve been doing. He or she will analyze your records and clearly see what is and isn’t working. This is the only way to properly create a new and improved plan to get you where you want to be. Make sure to provide financial records and anything else that might help to give a picture of what has been happening.

Your Weaknesses and Strengths

A part of being a successful businesswoman is understanding what your weaknesses are. The more upfront you can be about this, the faster your consultant can coach you on how to improve them. This might require getting some training, further coaching, or even outsourcing tasks you can’t do. Allowing your consultant to help you is a huge step to finally conquering your weaknesses. 

It’s also important to share what your strengths are. This is so your consultant can help you design a plan to move forward in the most efficient way. You can lead with your strengths and be confident in knowing the best results are in your future. Consultants at firms like xirtix.com are knowledgable about how to encourage and equip business owners to be their best.

Your Overall Concerns for Your Business

Let your consultant know about any and all of your concerns. This includes logistical, staff, financial, time, and operations issues. Leave no stone unturned if you believe it’s creating a hindrance to moving forward. You will likely find out that there are easy and affordable solutions to many of your concerns. This is even more likely if you are still in startup mode or in your first years. Ask lots of questions and don’t be shy or try to sugar coat anything to sound more successful.


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