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4 Steps To Breaking Non-serving Habits

No matter who you are, it’s likely you have at least one habit that doesn’t serve your greater good. Perhaps it’s overeating or indulging too …

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4 Steps To Positive Life Change

Making positive life change can look different for everyone, as each of us has unique goals, dreams, and lifestyles. This is why it’s imperative to …

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You Are A Creator!

Many people choose a word to meditate on instead of a new year's resolution. Yes, I got on the band wagon, except I could not choose just one! I am all over the place! I thought I needed one word and then a different one came to mind. I kept thinking of really positive words! So here I am owning three words for the year 2015. Do you have a word to use in your life? Here are mine: Balance - Awareness - Transformation

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Can’t Consciousness

Today, I extend another invitation to you and to your spirit. It is about taking a journey into your mind and being introduced to the great power that resides within. The invitation is for you and your spirit separately because I would like you to pay attention to the separateness and to begin to acknowledge how often we do act in separation. Ultimately, our goals are to live in this world united in all aspects of our being – when we do that, we have an immediate sense of wholeness, of creation and an understanding of our full power.

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