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4 Steps To Positive Life Change

Making positive life change can look different for everyone, as each of us has unique goals, dreams, and lifestyles. This is why it’s imperative to not compare yourself and your life to others. Unfortunately, many women do this and end up chasing elusive perfection that isn’t real.

Furthermore, remember, we are human and aren’t one faceted. We have many parts that are beautiful but also some that are dark like shadows. Instead of trying to hide your darkness and faults, embrace them while learning from their messages. This will ultimately help to create positive life change in all areas. However, I do want to give you some simple steps to help you go in a serving direction. Here are a few of my favorite…

Identify Exactly What You Want to Accomplish

When you decide to change something about yourself or life, it’s important to understand why. This is to prevent you from doing things for reasons that may not serve you at all. For example, your new boyfriend loves large breasts and, unfortunately, you’re lucky to fill a B cup bra. You rush to the cosmetic surgeon to see what you can do even though you really don’t want to have surgery. Do you see how we can do drastic things to ourselves for the sake of making others happy?

Think about your core values, why a particular change is important to you, and how it’s going to affect your life and the people around you. Also, consider your long-term goals when making decisions. Will this change help you reach your ideal future intentions or will it sabotage them? Choose positive life change that helps you now but also gets you closer to who you want to be in the future.

Guard Yourself against Outside Drama and Negativity

If you’re constantly surrounded by drama and negativity, it’s going to be more difficult to live a happy positive life. This also can create a feeling of entrapment and as though you can’t possibly change for the better. Eventually, this type of environment can even lead to physical and mental illness of varying severity. You have to make the choice to protect yourself and your heart from people and situations that bring you down. 

I understand that no one is positive and happy all the time. It’s inevitable that we will be around some negative people and circumstances at times. I use things like powerful good luck charms, crystals, and protection prayers and meditations to protect myself from outside influences. But, mostly, I try to remove myself from toxic people and situations.

Move More

OK, so you probably hear it all the time, get more exercise and you’ll feel good, right? Well, again, everyone is different. Telling someone to go hit the gym hard every day may not be the best advice for some women. In fact, working out too hard can actually work against you in some cases. That’s why it’s important to consult with a fitness expert or doctor about what type of movement is best for you. Do what works for your age, life, and body.

That said, we do know that a body in motion stays in motion, and we need to participate in appropriate movement on a daily basis. Exercise releases endorphins that are proven to boost your mood and even motivate you to make other positive choices. Better mental health is also conducive to improvements in physical well-being and life fulfillment. Not to mention, moving more helps you to stay physically fit and looking your best! Hello, positive life change!

Have A Support Network

We all know that times of change can be some of the most challenging to navigate alone. Having trusted supportive people to spend time with can make reaching goals easier and lots more fun. They can cheer you on when things get tough or simply listen when you need to talk, just as you would for them. And it’s also fabulous to have friends to celebrate with when you have a victory!

We can make positive life change by doing simple things like drinking more water or talking to the person next to you at work. It can also be big things like quitting smoking or starting your own business. No matter what, make choices that line up with who you truly are and what you want. Be kind to yourself as you are now, knowing that you are beautiful and enough just the way you are. Change is simply a choice…

Feel free to share your positive life change steps or mantras in the comments! 


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