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Are Electromagnetic Fields Making Me Sick?

I received this powerful note in my inbox this morning and wanted to pass it on to you! Deborah Stuart of High Chi Energy Jewelry has mastered the art and science of protecting the body from harmful EMFs (electromagnetic fields), as well as energizing for joy, peace, wealth, and success. Her beautiful jewelry is highly magnetized for optimal protection and, you have to admit, it's unique and designed with the fashionable woman in mind! Read on for her timely message...

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Electrosmog Is Killing Us

My friends, if it was just cell phones we had to worry about, many might reconsider there use. Sadly, it's not though. "A recent study showed that exposure to very-low-frequency voltage signals (1-100kHz), or "dirty electricity,” can greatly increase your risk of melanoma, thyroid cancer, and uterine cancer.

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