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Electrosmog Is Killing Us

I’ve posted before on the dangers of cell phones but have come across some frightening information about other cell-altering frequencies in our atmosphere.  My son is studying electricity and doing a research report on it’s history, so I’ve been in a science mode lately.  Please read on for some important information that can protect you and your family.

The idea of harnessing and using electricity as power has been tossed around for centuries now; however, the actual life-changing grids weren’t set up until about a hundred years ago.  The industrial revolution made us powerful and rich but also paved the foundation for a future that no one could foresee – the dangerous one we are living in now.

My friends, if it was just cell phones we had to worry about, many might reconsider there use.  Sadly, it’s not though.  “A recent study showed that exposure to very-low-frequency voltage signals (1-100kHz), or “dirty electricity,” can greatly increase your risk of melanoma, thyroid cancer, and uterine cancer. These signals are largely by-products of electronics, such as modern energy-efficient appliances, televisions, stereos and other entertainment devices.”  We have been exposed to these common household items for a lot longer than those handy little pocket phones.  And we wonder why each generation gets sicker.

We’re all responsible for the “EMF soup” that churns all around us.  There’s so many people who are worried about our environment and would do anything to get citizens to recycle, lower their thermostat, use organic products – you know the go green band wagon.  I’m all for saving the planet but what about saving the people on that planet first?  We’ve made modern life a cesspool of danger for every man, woman, and child on the earth.  What have we done?  It’s time to wake up and do something about what could be the biggest problem we face today!

Is There Any Protection Available?

I know of just a few things that we can do to help eliminate our exposure to these kinds of Electromagnetic Fields but are fairly easy and affordable.

1.  Limit the use of cell phones or purchase a protection device.  The web-based business, Sheild EMF, carries a small device called the Aulterra Neutralizer, that when attached to your cell phone neutralizes the harmful radiation omitted by the phone. They also sell several other products including the Aulterra Enhance capsules. “Enhance is a homeopathically activated combination of natural paramagnetic elements which neutralize the effect of heavy metals and other toxins on human DNA. A simple regimen of Aulterra Enhance can offer an important protective defense against powerful environmental toxins,” as stated on the shieldemf.com site.

2.  Turn off and unplug all electronic appliances, TVs, stereos, game systems, computers, and lamps when not is use.  It won’t help with the EMF’s that are omitted when turned on but this will ensure that you won’t be bombarded with unnecessary ones.

3.  Take care of yourself.  Regular check-ups, detoxification, exercise, proper diet are all things that you should do to stay strong and able to combat the pollution we live with.

4. Mega Chi Pendant, available at Highchi.comAnother way we can combat the dangerous EMFs is through energy charged jewelry that is worn regularly.  I know it sounds odd, but the evidence is in the research.  Highchi.com founder, Deborah Stuart says, “What’s so exciting about our technology is that we’re transmuting and transforming harmful, negative energies into healing, source energy. The more you build up your horizontal energy by wearing our MegaChi™ Pendant, or using our other energy systems, the more you’ll feel protected from harmful Negative EMF’s, and of course fear.

 5.  Visit these sites for more tips on reducing and fighting EMF pollution.  Mercola.com, Building Biology, Highchi.com.

We have a responsibility to protect ourselves in any way we can.  Though total shielding from dangerous EMFs is not possible, it’s important to know that we can make a difference by doing some or all of these simple things.  You can also be more proactive by spreading the word about these health risks by blogging about it or contacting your local Congressmen and Senators about your concerns.  Please share any ideas that you have that will help us educate the public.  Be well-be beautiful.

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Resources: Mercola.com, Building Biology

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  1. Wow, I don’t have any ideas for this. It’s definitely scary. 🙁

  2. This is really important information – and truly scary.

  3. Great points, Kellie. We have been semi-house hunting and just decided not to put an offer on a house because it was near a couple of radio towers.

    Looks like some good links, too.

  4. Scary stuff. I have a feeling there will always be something that could potentially harm us.

    I was just reading something about facebook going dirty coal because it’s cheaper. They don’t care about the damage it will cause the environment and humans. The articles are here if you’re interested in more research and science-y stuff.



    Love ya, Talk to ya soon

    • You’re right about that; this world is full of dangerous things. Thanks for the links; I will check them out so I can scare my readers some more. =)

    • This EMF meter is a nice little meter. My only coaitmpnls are it has a timed on-off switch, and it has no light on its face. The book that comes with it says it has a 10 minute auto shutoff but mine seems to shut off after around 5 minutes. Other than that this is a decent EMF meter for the price. If you can afford it I recommend a K2 meter instead but this will work for a substitute. Update: A new version of this meter is available now with a lighted back face and untimed switch. Of course its around $20 more than this one because the vendor’s all have to gouge us ghost hunters! Still, my original opinion stands. It’s a decent meter at a decent price.

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