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Are You At Peace?

There is a secret I want to share with you. I learned this exercise about 2 years ago when I was working on healing from terrible chronic headaches.

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Are You Like Your Mother?

"Are you like your mother?"was bold and loud in my mind as I opened my eyes. For some of you that inquiry might provoke some angry feelings or at least a nonchalant eye roll. A few of you might be beaming with pride to know that, yes, you are just like your mother. But, for most, you are like me, knowing that you have carried on some of mom's negative traits as well as some good ones.

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What Is Hope?

Remember when you were waiting on that special guy to pop the question or expecting your first child? Can you recall dreaming or even visualizing these important events when you were a teen or even a young girl? Through hope we actually begin to form our lives from the beginning.

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Spiritual Enlightenment: A Woman’s Emotional “Neti Pot”

It dawned on me today that when we are not spiritually and emotionally sound, we can't be our best - the women that we are meant to be. You know, like when your allergies are acting up; you don't put your best foot forward because you're too busy blowing your nose and trying to breathe - nothing feels right. This is the equivalent of being emotionally stuck in second gear; you can't seem to get where you want to go at the speed you need to get there.

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The Wounded Child Within

How many of us have gazed into the mirror only to see ourselves at an earlier age, an age in which circumstances have left us in a drama of life that we were forever trying to forget; one that we thought we had buried, and yet time has brought forth the resurfacing of misdirected and scattered emotions – often those that have wounded and left us in a state of despair? Why is it we would choose to carry the burden of unpleasant memories rather than allowing them to be released with love and forgiveness, or at least understanding?

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How To Avoid Sun Damage To Your Skin

The Whole Picture Have you ever noticed a beautiful woman whose face glows as someone much younger? Then you look at her neck and hands…not so much glowing going on there. The truth is these two areas, among others, will give away your true age faster than your taste in music!

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