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Are You At Peace?



Though you could take this question in a plethora of directions, I meant it in general.  Personal peace is basically defined as not having any metal stress and anxiety about your circumstances.  I can hear you all mumbling, “That’s impossible,” and “Maybe if I took enough drugs.”  Don’t worry; I”m not saying there is something wrong with you if you do not have peace.  Just introspect with me for just a moment.  Think about the things that interrupt your inner joy and harmony; can you identify them?  If you can, you might be able to lesson them or do away with them altogether.

The Obvious

Bills, bills, and more bills…teenagers, problems on the job, health issues, and, yes, there are a whole lot more things that can wreak havoc on your mental state.  I’m no stranger to stress and anxiety either.  There is a secret I want to share with you.  I learned this exercise about 2 years ago when I was working on healing from terrible chronic headaches.  Bill Harris, founder of Center Pointe Research Institute, stated in his book, Thresholds of the Mind, that he was able to change his perspective of negative events through brain entrainment (a program where which the subject listens to a series of tones, music, and voice over to stimulate the brain to create new and heal damaged neural pathways, to promote self-awareness through the release of old, negative emotions, and to develop a deep meditative state that is difficult to reach for most people). 

Harris claimed that after years of research and development, he created a product that could help people become more of who they are supposed to be, all while releasing inner peace and a drive to accomplish their dreams.  Wow!  That’s quite a goal!  Well, I have personally experienced the Holosync program and agree that there is something to it.  I used to be extremely sensitive to “bad things” that happened.  Now, I have more of an ability to see them no differently than I do “good things”.  After I noticed the change in my attitude, it was then that I understood Mr. Harris’s statement about changing his perspective.  It really helps to keep a steady flow of peace in my life.  Sorry about that sidetrack.  I just thought that it might be helpful to know that you can change your mind…literally.

The Not So Obvious

Now this is the main reason I mentioned the whole brain entrainment thing.  There are actually events, emotions, and traumas that are recorded in your deep sub-conscious of which you may not even be aware.  These are the killers of peace.  They cause your mind to loop the most dreadful mantra of negative self-talk.  It sounds something like this: “You will never be happy because you are not pretty,” or “You’ll always be depressed because it runs in your family,” or “Until you get a man, you’ll be lonely.”  Can you see how these statements could keep you glued to your current state and circumstances?  After all, we believe and trust ourselves, don’t we?  Well, I found out that I shouldn’t trust everything that tricked down from my mind or out of my mouth.

I wasn’t at peace when I kept buying tickets to the destructive mental movie in my head.  It had to stop if I ever wanted to be happy and at peace.  Just to let you know, I’m not completely there yet.  I have miles to go before I reach the nirvana that I hope for.  We all have to take one day at a time; that means pressing through what comes our way (good or bad).

“I simply can’t build my hopes on a foundation of confusion, misery and death … I think peace and tranquillity will return again.”

˜Anne Frank

Manifest Peace

One last thing, the more you engage your mind in positive visualization, the more you will combat the garbage that is stored upstairs in your brain.  I have taken this practice to a new level recently with longer sessions of prayer and meditation.  I’ve tapped into a greater understanding of who I am and where I’ m going.  There is a more powerful plan for our lives than we can even imagine.  But you can give it a try.

I appreciate all of you so much and want to thank you for following WLL.  Let me know if Introspective Sunday is helping you.  I’d love to hear your input.  Be well-be beautiful.

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