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4 Ways To Improve Your Child’s Skills And Development

improve your child's skills and develompment

As parents, it’s no secret that we want our children to reach their full potential and develop useful skills for life. However, facilitating this process …

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5 Tips For Boosting Your Boss-Lady Confidence

boosting your boss-lady confidence

Though being a leader isn’t for every women, it does present a special opportunity to shine and help others find their way. In business, this …

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3 Smart Ways To Prepare For Business Growth And Expansion

A few years into owning a business, you will likely laugh at some of the decisions you made when you first started. Ok, you will …

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4 Questions For Finding The Perfect Building For Your Business

Keep the right things in mind as you search for that perfect building to house your business. It’s vital to let your head rule, and not your heart...at least, mostly. This is one of the crucial business decisions you will make. After all, this is where you will spend much of you time and it's where customers and clients will find and visit you. Because of commercial leases and/or mortgages, you can't just pick up and walk away if it doesn't end up fitting your needs. Before you sign on the dotted line, ask yourself these 4 questions for finding the perfect building for your business.

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From Nowhere To Now Here

It is so interesting how words wrap themselves into meanings simply by the way that they are spelled. Coming as we all do from our own unique inside spaces, how does it feel when you think to yourself of being ‘nowhere’? Does it denote a positive memory or experience or is it more an experience of lack and limitation? Does the concept of ‘nowhere’ evoke a sense of nothingness, blankness in the spirit?

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