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boosting your boss-lady confidence

5 Tips For Boosting Your Boss-Lady Confidence

Though being a leader isn’t for every women, it does present a special opportunity to shine and help others find their way. In business, this means that boosting your boss-lady confidence is a must, so you can lead effectively. Women have unique challenges in the business world that can be even more grueling without strong confidence and courage. Self-confidence and assertiveness are essential to keep the balance between caring for you team and being a steamroller. So if you’re an aspiring boss or you’ve landed the position but want more, here are some tips to help you succeed and feel more powerful no matter what you do.

Build Your Network

Just as it takes a village to raise a child successfully, it takes many to create a valuable, successful leader. Those that you keep close to you are the ones that serve as a buffer, a foundation, a safety net, a library, an emergency room, and a bull dozer. You need people, and they need you. Boosting your boss-lady confidence happens when you both listen to your intuition and the words of others. It doesn’t mean that you always have to do what your network tells you to do, but having them there is necessary for ongoing success.

There are many ways to build your network like attending events, joining professional organizations, and brainstorming with like-minded women. A healthy network has different types of people that fill in the gaps that you might have in knowledge, skill, time, and other attributes of being a boss.  Securing a mentor is also a great way to see first-hand how to reach your goals more efficiently and effectively.

Ask for What You Want and Need

Being a leader means that you have the power to direct and set standards for your business and team members. However, as you serve the company and your staff, don’t forget to ask yourself what you want and need. One way to avoid over-giving and pleasing others too much is to be open and honest with your staff about what works for you and what doesn’t.

If you still work for someone else, this same open communication will serve you as you work toward your goals. This could mean asking for more training, vacation time, or a pay raise. Whatever the need is, asking is a way to boost your confidence and power as a leader.

Be Assertive

Asking people for what you want and need is one thing, but there’s also a type of confidence that comes from being assertive. However, t’s important to know when assertiveness is needed and when you need to back off a little. For example, dismissing staff and standing up yourself are two times when solid assertiveness would serve more than being passive or too gentle. Being assertive isn’t being mean, it’s being damn good at setting and enforcing boundaries. 

Recognize Your Strengths

boosting your boss-lady confidenceKnowing what you’re good at is one of the most important ways to find solid ground as a leader. When you stay in your lane and pull out your best, those around you feel safer and can count on you making good decisions. Unfortunately, it might be harder for you to see your strengths if you’ve been hiding them away in fear. It helps to give yourself praise for even small victories on a daily basis. With this strategy, you can boost your lady-boss confidence faster and more solidly!

Help Others Grow

Lastly, it’s important to remember that the whole point of having confidence as a boss/leader is to serve others effectively. Every well-balanced leader knows that helping others grow is how they leave a legacy of strength behind. Whether you’re mentoring a team, helping them find their next roles, or simply creating a culture of support within your company, your actions support the journeys of others. 

Whether you own a business or are a leader in another company, having a strong sense of confidence is crucial for growth and success. I recommend trying these tips and other things that could help you make some changes to how you feel about yourself as a boss. If you focus on what you need as a leader, you are boosting your boss-lady confidence! Remember, you are beautiful and powerful…get out there and shine the brightest you can!


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