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4 Interesting Benefits Of Going On A Road Trip

benefits of going on a road trip

Some of the benefits of going on a road trip are pretty obvious but others might be a little surprising. Yes, they can make you …

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4 Ways Traveling Can Improve Your Life

Traveling regularly is a pastime of many people who love the adventure of seeing and learning about new places and cultures. These jet-setters have created …

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4 Occasions You Should Wear Glitter!

When wearing glitter, there is a fine line between elegant and gaudy. For example, a dress with glitter detail can be dazzling, as long as it is accented appropriately. It is easy to get carried away trying to give off that enticing shimmer with your makeup. No one wants to be compared to a walking disco ball! But sometimes it can look great, and make your face even more beautiful. Here are four times you can get away with wearing some sparkle!

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Novica Giveaway For The Holidays!

Holiday time for me means shopping for unique gifts and accessories on my favorite global gift website, Novica.com. I have supported and promoted this wonderful business for over 3 years now. I've always been so impressed by the company's attention to detail in customer service and in each hand-wrapped item I anticipate to arrive in the mail. This year they have added a new service called Premium Gift Wrapping that I'm happy to tell you about and try out for myself.

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Everyday a Holiday!

Delight in each day! There is something that is going to happen today that should be celebrated. You woke up. Maybe you were able to witness the sunrise? Even if you did not see it, it happened and it was a magnificent painting of wonderment. Even if nothing out of the ordinary happens all day long there is going to be thousands of stars shining brightly down on you tonight asking you in a twinkle, "What will you do tomorrow?" "Which star will you wish on tonight"? "What will you be celebrating tomorrow?"

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