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4 Occasions You Should Wear Glitter!

When wearing glitter, there is a fine line between elegant and gaudy. For example,  a dress with glitter detail can be dazzling, as long as it is accented appropriately. It is easy to get carried away trying to give off that enticing shimmer with your makeup. No one wants to be compared to a walking disco ball!  But sometimes it can look great, and make your face even more beautiful. Here are four times you can get away with wearing some sparkle!


We are often set in the same routine when it comes to our work life. It’s common to find ourselves clinging to the same old makeup regimen. It’s important to step outside your comfort zone and explore new techniques. Wearing glitter to work can liven your look up, as long as it is done in a fitting fashion. To keep your look professional steer clear of the over the top and bright colored glitter. Some neutral or silver glitter eyeshadow will work really well with your smart black dress or shirt and trousers. It can give your eyes that pop, so they are looking beautiful. Total Beauty has some great tips for wearing some glitter at work! Experiment with different eye shadows and lip glosses on the weekend to find the right look for your work day

Wedding Day

eye-881902_1920Your wedding day is the perfect special occasion to add some sparkle to your makeup, giving you a classy and memorable look. Adding sparkle to your lips can make them shine. There are endless amounts of sparkly eye shadows, so finding the right one isn’t hard. Silver or rose-gold glitter can compliment your dress, especially if there are sparkle details involved. You can even work glitter in by finding a blush or bronzer that incorporates it, giving you a glowy look. Talk to your makeup artist about trying some test runs to find a glitter look just for you.

Your Birthday

eyes-374920_1280There’s never a better time to wear glitter than your birthday. It’s your special day, so you want to stand out from the crowd; adding sparkle to your makeup can certainly do this! This is a time where you don’t have to be afraid of going over the top with bright colors. With the right outfit a vibrant glitter eye shadow will come off edgy and unique. Burberry recently sent their models down the catwalk with glitter, showing it can work well with a cute outfit. Brands such as Violet Voss makeup offer a whole range of different colors that will look great with your outfit.

Holiday Season

woman-1281830_1920The holiday season is filled with beautiful baubles, lights and sparkles, so why not decorate yourself, too? If you are being forced to wear that ugly sweater for your family Christmas card make the best out of it by wearing beautiful makeup. Gold and silver glitter eye shadow can give you that special glow. Splurge on a new bright red, glittery lip gloss, which is perfect for kissing under the mistletoe!


Many celebrities have been sporting glitter makeup trends on the red carpet. Perrie Edwards from girl band Little Mix really shows off how fabulous it can look with purple glitter eyeshadow. So don’t be afraid to try glitter today!

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