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Communication Cartwheels: Learning The Acrobats Of Talking

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] met my husband through the online dating site Match.com. I don’t remember his profile or the emails before we met up for our first date (I must have liked something I read but can’t recall any of it). What I do remember was the long conversation we had over drinks and how we stayed at the restaurant until closing. Next, we went back to my house (I had a roommate and knew if things got weird I’d still be safe) and talked the night away until we both fell asleep on my couch. Without skipping a beat, we continued the date with breakfast and more great conversation over coffee.

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5 Things Your Significant Other Needs To Know About You

Photo by JadeBeloved Let’s face it, there are just some things that your significant other NEEDS to understand about you. And, these “things” are not …

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Why Does My Spouse Seem Like a Stranger?

Today, I want to bring you a special article by a Women's Life Link friend, Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil. Dr. Bonnie is considered one of the top relationship experts in the world. Her list of accomplishments include authoring six books, speaking, coaching, and mentoring countless couples to achieve happy, fulfilling relationships.

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