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3 Ways To Surprise Your Partner With The Perfect Man Cave

the perfect man cave

There’s no place like home to relax and entertain. It’s easy to create the perfect space for ourselves in which to do this, but what …

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5 Ways To Support A Hurting Friend

It is a fact that we all have those times when life seems harder than usual. It can be difficult to keep a positive outlook …

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5 Ways To Be Kinder To Yourself

Most of us understand what it means to be kind to others, but do you ever consider what it means to be kind yourself. Your …

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3 Secrets To Always Have A Dazzling Sincere Smile

Think of how you feel, walking down the street and a stranger smiles at you. You instantly know if it’s sincere or if it’s just …

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One Random Act Of Kindness

For most of us, I would venture to say, it’s easier to give than it is to receive. And that’s a little sad to me. By refusing to receive, we cheat the other person out of experiencing feelings of generosity. And I think we cheat ourselves out of the feeling of humility; A feeling that is just as important, if not more so.

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