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Your Freedom From Ego And Fear…

I awakened the other morning and was confronted with an idea, a spark, a concept and really, an inner awakening. We, as humans, invest a large amount of time avoiding fear, requesting safety at every turn and ensuring we are stepping on sure footing. We make decisions not to go sky-diving or abseiling, horse-riding or snow-skiing because we have fears; fears of heights, fears of dark alleys, fears of creepy crawlies. My "awakening" came in the form of realizing that we sabotage ourselves every day, blindly allowing fear to invade and infiltrate our happiness and joy. You know why? Because we give permission for our ego to reign with the same fear we avoid in the physical world.

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The Not Place

There is a place I have come upon recently, a land unlike any others I have visited either in Spirit or in the natural world. I have named it the Not Place, for it simply is not anything. It is a place of Being in between the space of Creation and Manifestation, just to the left of Limiting Beliefs.

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I have found the one thing that I believe is the key to lasting peace and happiness: Living in the puzzle pieces of my life. You see, for a long time I would constantly think (live) in the past or in the "Big Picture" of my future. The result of that method often left me depressed about what I was missing or anxious about what could be. Don't get me wrong, I'm a believer in planning for the future and creating it through intention, thankfulness, and action, but that dwelling on the future "maybes and could bes" is where I had to learn a hard lesson by drawing a line in my own life. I realized I had been even thinking back to past situations and actually trying to solve the issues or reenact the event in my mind...that's insanity! The thing is...I'm not the only one who does or did this. It's an epidemic of insanity!

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The Guardian Of Now

As I sat out on my deck this morning, listening to the birds tweet and the breeze flow through my maple tree, I realized how perfect that moment was. I even felt distracted and annoyed by allowing my mind to think about writing this post. The moment was profound in the sense it gave me so much clarity about what it means to live in the now or present. I've been so caught up in trying to analyze the past and plan for the future that I literally have not lived my life in the moments that pass me like a speeding trucker on the highway. The good news is that I really know how to stop the cycle I've lived for so long and I want to share it with you.

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Feeling Your Way Through Life

I have been thinking about feelings. There are a myriad of feelings we can experience; they can be front and centre, off to the side, hiding in your peripheral vision or nicely bound somewhere down in that back cabin of your mind, secured with a large padlock. We can be engulfed to the point of drowning, we can have feelings borrowed from someone else, feelings dictated by our families and friends or feelings that we think we should be having; whatever the situation or timing in our lives.

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For A Reason

It all started a couple weeks ago. I had a real conversation with someone who actually believes in the same things I do - someone who values old school beliefs and finds peace in his universe, as well as understands how we manifest our lives. The conversation flowed for almost 6 hours, and by the end, I felt immense joy. We shared so many thoughts. Those first couple days were truly amazing. There were no uncomfortable silences. The laughs flowed as easily as the feelings that carried them. He was so beautiful to me. However, after just a few days, reality forced its way in, and I realized this would not last forever.

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