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Feeling Your Way Through Life

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I have been thinking about feelings. There are a myriad of feelings we can experience; they can be front and centre, off to the side, hiding in your peripheral vision or nicely bound somewhere down in that back cabin of your mind, secured with a large padlock. We can be engulfed to the point of drowning, we can have feelings borrowed from someone else, feelings dictated by our families and friends or feelings that we think we should be having; whatever the situation or timing in our lives.

Feelings That Propel You to Your Dreams

We also have emotions about how we would really like to feel. You know those that make your heart sing, your stomach flip-flop with butterflies (of excitement not dread!)? You exude enthusiasm. You are in the zone. Maybe you have experienced them, or maybe you just imagine how it would be to actually indulge in them. Maybe you haven’t allowed yourself to feel, simply because the emotions don’t resonate with the people around you.

What if you wanted to feel important, admired, affluent, intelligent, informed, well-versed, honoured, or respected? Wow, look at all those feelings! Bet you didn’t think you were supposed to want feelings like these, did you? These are all a bit self-indulgent, aren’t they?

Here’s the thing though, they aren’t, if that’s how you truly want to feel.

In All Honesty

We have enough pressure in our lives, especially from those closest to us, and maybe they won’t like it if you start to embrace and indulge in feelings that you really resonate with. But here, today, it is your choice not to be arrogant, but to be truthful.

“The thing to do with feelings is to make it safe to feel all of them.”

So if there are feelings that you want to put your name on, then start the process. You never know, allowing these true emotions to surface may secure that career you really desire, or lead you to take a chance and travel, or help you to extend your circle and meet people you never thought possible. It might take you outside your comfort zone, but that’s what this little thing we call life is all about.

Be the person you want to be and feel how you want to feel!

About Sandy Dingwall

Sandy lives on the sunny Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, is a mum to 3 little people (9, 7 and 5) and is married to a creative type like her. She has worked and owned businesses in a number of industries – children’s publishing, franchising, bakeries, cafes, a local newspaper and most recently ran her own handbag business. Currently Sandy is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and Publishing.

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