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Men-On-Pause: Not To Be Confused with Menopause

Have you ever just wanted to take a break from the man in your life? Picture it - a whole day (or year) without him. Men-on-pause...

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Bargains, Bartering, and Borrowing

Recently, I told you gals about my style changes that included a funky short, blonde hairdo and a return to my edgier side. I am finding that just the hair change alone is giving me a spark for life that I haven't felt for a long time. It's amazing to me how much different you can feel when you have the right appearance on the outside.

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Sun Protection Is a Must

More Out of Monday:  Beauty Tips By Jeffrie Ann Hall (Esthetician) Been spending time in the sun? Like to get out when the weather is …

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Product Application: Layering

Ever wonder how you should be layering your skin care products? It is important as some products are water soluble and others contain oils and seal themselves into the skin. Some products penetrate the skin to a greater degree than others. Here's a quick run down on the best way to proceed:

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Here I am again with more skin care info for you! Today, I want to talk about Elastin. And no, it's not the stuff that keeps your swimsuit snug on your hips!But it does have a similar property. Elastin has 'snap back' to it, like your swimsuit, or like a rubber band. Elastin keeps the skin tight. Elastin keeps the skin flexible. If there is enough elastin in your skin it will retain and return to it's shape after being pulled or stretched.

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