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Meet Singer Songwriter And Bullying Victim Advocate Meredith O’Connor

One of my passions has always been helping teens, especially girls who have been through rough childhoods, abuse, bullying, addictions, etc. So, when I was introduced to Meredith O'Connor, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to tell her story and bring it and her amazing musical talent to you. Meredith is a singer/songwriter based in Long Island, New York and a young woman who was bullied during her childhood and early teen years

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Meet NYC Singer/Songwriter Kalen Lister

I was recently introduced to up-and-coming NYC musician, singer/songwriter, Kalen Lister and thrilled that she agreed to do an interview. As soon as I listened to her music, I loved it! It's bold and fresh, in your face and demure, all at the same time. Kalen is a session vocalist at Tainted Blue Studio and for Equal Sonics. She is currently writing and co-writing songs with some of New York City’s best rising writers and producers, developing her catalog and licensing her music for film, TV and multi-media. On the rare occasion she has the time, she plays keys and sings in NYC based bands; such as, Missing Ships and Stone The King.

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