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4 Considerations For Choosing A Career Path

Starting a first-time career or subsequent one can be a daunting process for anyone. That said, whether you are young or have been around the …

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6 Careers For Sports Lovers

Both men and women love sports, as in watching, playing, and encouraging their children to play. However, most of us are not equipped to play sports at a professional level. Fortunately, there are opportunities to make money in sports even if you can't step a foot on a field or court. The world of sports is growing every year and so is the demand for administrators, reporters, coaches, medical practitioners, and even writers. Depending on your unique talents, you may just fit nicely into a sports-related career. Here are six to consider.

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What Are You Passionate About?

Just as the honorable, passionate woman brings beauty and love to the table, her counterpart, the naughty, greedy (equally passionate) gal can ruin your life and her own faster than you can say Desperate Housewives.

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A Surge of Feminine Energy

I don't know if you've noticed, but women are shifting into higher gears and focusing more on life goals and dreams. This may be a worldwide trend amongst humans in general; however, I feel a distinct feminine energy surrounding this front of powerful changes.

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What Is My Purpose?

Introspective Sunday: What Is My Purpose? Ooh...this is a loaded question and is likely one of the most important ones you can ever ask yourself. With various shoes to fill, women can become extremely busy meeting the needs of others; even though we willingly enter into many different ventures, tasks and jobs, are we truly fulfilling our life purposes within the mayhem?

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