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3 Ways To Bring In Some Real “Good Luck”

While hearing about people going to extremes to bring good luck sounds amusing at first, there is no denying that we are fascinated by the …

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5 Musts To Live A Positive, Fulfilling Life

In most self-development circles, it's believed that if you change the way you perceive yourself, you can change your life. The key here is self-awareness. You have to know what you believe about yourself, why you believe it, and how it is affecting your life. Any negative thoughts and beliefs can create a life that is lackluster, painful, and full of regret. However, it isn't always easy to change these rogue beliefs. You must go through a process that often can bring up painful emotions. This is why so many women avoid it. As a life and business coach, I deal with clients' limiting beliefs and help them to see themselves from a different perspective. Here are my top 3 musts to live a positive, fulfilling life.

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Is Your Health Condition Holding You Back? 5 Tips To Help Break The Chains

It is common to feel disheartened or withdrawn when health conditions show up in our lives. The diagnosis might be long-term or temporary, treatable or only manageable. But …

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Live Life Victoriously

How do you view your everyday life? Is it a battle you fight daily, or is it an adventure? It's all in the way you look at things! Instead of focusing on setbacks and the next frustration, plan for the next adventure.

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How Do I Refocus My Life?

Have you ever just been stuck on one question? Does it have the word "why" in it? We humans tend to want to know why everything happens, especially when things aren't good. Realizing that we may never know "why" is truly a revelation, a relieving one at that.

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