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5 Musts To Live A Positive, Fulfilling Life

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In most self-development circles, it’s believed that if you change the way you perceive yourself, you can change your life. The key here is self-awareness. You have to know what you believe about yourself, why you believe it, and how it is affecting your life. Any negative thoughts and beliefs can create a life that is lackluster, painful, and full of regret. However, it isn’t always easy to change these rogue beliefs. You must go through a process that often can bring up painful emotions. This is why so many women avoid it. As a life and business coach, I deal with clients’ limiting beliefs and help them to see themselves from a different perspective. Here are my top 5 musts to live a positive, fulfilling life.

Live a Positive, Fulfilling Life #1: Guard Yourself Against Outside Negativity

There are so many outside influences that impact our feelings and emotions. And, it’s true that letting negative in creates negative going out. This can manifest physically as sickness and disease. It can also show up as mental and emotional disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. We have to watch out for toxic people and situations that could potentially be harmful to our lives. 

Sometimes, it’s not easy or even possible to remove certain situations. In this case, we have to learn good coping skills that help us to process challenge in a healthy way. Also, outside help is necessary at times if things are too overwhelming.

Live a Positive, Fulfilling Life #2: Keep Your State of Mind Positive

It’s imperative to keep in control of our thoughts. Try to keep them positive as much as possible. I like to stay aware of my thought process by checking whether I’m truly being grateful and focusing on the good in my life. Your state of mind can play a huge part in your personal and professional life.  Believing the good about yourself and your life shows in everything you do. This means your positive state of mind influences others around you. Pay particular attention to this, especially if you are a mom.

Live a Positive, Fulfilling Life #3: Realize There Are Many Perspectives

One of the clearest ways to help you feel more positive is to realize there are many perspectives to every situation. What may be getting you down could be another person’s blessing. And, the other thing is that things aren’t always as they seem. I tell myself this fact every day of my life. It keeps me from getting all negative and doubtful about something without knowing all the facts. 

Live a Positive, Fulfilling Life #4: Fill Your Mind with Positive Material

Self-help books, motivational quotes and inspirational audio books like these can be positive motivators. It may seem cliche, but I know I would not be the woman I am today had I not invested in myself. Find something that you are passionate about and study it. Figure out how it can bring your life to a new level. Who knows, as you change your perception of yourself and the world, you might even want to help others. After many years of self-development, I knew that I wanted to be a life coach. My life coach certification and training have enabled me to serve so many wonderful people over the years.  

Live a Positive, Fulfilling Life #5: Use Positive Self-Talk

I love mirror work with a passion! What do I say to myself in the mirror? Well, I treat myself with respect. I tell myself that I’m beautiful, smart, funny and that I am making a difference in the world. You can build yourself up after a fall this way. You can also talk yourself off a ledge if things get really bad. But, it’s not just for the bad times. Positive self-talk is something you want to do every day to keep your tank full.

I hope you can put all five of these things into practice. If not, start with just one or two. The point is to turn the trajectory of your life with whatever you can. Your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are all within your control. Be the master of your destiny by making them positive and motivating!


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