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How Do I Refocus My Life?

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Welcome to Women’s LifeLink and the perfect opportunity to take a look inside ourselves for the not-so-obvious answers a day of introspection.  This day is like any other;  it’s just as important, just as uneventful, just as normal or twisted as the last one was and the next one will be.  The thing is, we need to see that every day is another place to gain perspective, to get closer to our dreams, our goals, our life’s purpose, making each one its own special piece of the puzzle that makes up our lives.  Time is always there to usher us to these milestones.  Now, whether we are paying attention or working with time, is another thing altogether.  Let’s take a look at that…

“Today, be aware of how you are spending your 1,440 beautiful moments, and spend them wisely.” ˜Author Unknown

Another Day-Another Dollar?

Are you living for what you can earn, for what you can buy?  I don’t think too many of you would admit it, though, it’s likely that some of you are.  Our society pushes us to have more things…it’s a fact of life that’s not going to change any time soon.  So, how do we bring purpose and alternative focus to the few precious moments that we have?

First, we have to realize that money is not what makes us happy; it’s simply a means to an end.  What we really want are the beautiful emotions that we feel when we can buy a gift for a loved one; treat your whole family to a week in Hawaii; splurge on those cute, strappy sandals.  That said, we must understand that those “beautiful emotions” can, and will, be there regardless of what we have in the bank.  It’s simply a matter of perspective.

Paradigm Shift

How about taking that same twenty-four hours and focusing on contributing to the greater good of mankind, loving more, seeking spiritual things, getting to know yourself?  I’m not saying you should forsake all and go join the Peace Corp (unless that’s your purpose). No, this process happens on the inside…in your brain, your soul, your spirit, the self-focus that is as selfless as giving your life for another.  After spending some time with little ole you,  the “where, when, who, how, and why” of your life will be much clearer, and, I think you’ll discover those “cute, strappy sandals” will find their way into your closet…somehow.

Asking the Right Questions

Have you ever just been stuck on one question?  Does it have the word “why” in it?  We humans tend to want to know why everything happens, especially when things aren’t good.  Realizing that we may never know “why” is truly a revelation, a relieving one at that.  Start asking “what” or “how” instead; as in “what can I take from this situation?” or “how can I grow?”  Do you see the difference?  It takes you out of the back seat, out of the “little kid” mentality of always wondering why and always asking “are we there yet?”  No, we’re not there yet.  We have work to do.  Slipping over the console to the driver’s seat will expedite things greatly.

Really, it’s all about how we see ourselves, our lives, and what we allow to influence us while on our journey.  Daily choices are as important as the big ones.  Remember that today as you introspect. 


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  1. A great example comes to mind about the perils of asking “why”: During my undergrad days as a biology major, I often got caught up in chemistry class the the “why” of the miraculous events and abilitties of the microscopic world.

    I spent so much time on “:why” that i ended falling behind because I couldn’t move beyond that question and focus on the point that ‘this is how it works.”

    Often in life we need to accept the fact of something, knowing that the “why” and even sometimes the ‘how’ of it all will reveal itself to us when we are able to understand and make use of it.

    Thanks for your wonderful articles…

  2. Thank you for this post….. it really brought some perspective to things going on in my own life… realizing that I have to look within myself for happiness.

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