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Five Best Instant Energy Boosters

Coming to you as a woman who has dealt with low energy issues off and on for years, primarily due to chronic pain (migraine) and insufficient sleep, I'm also one who researches and uses many techniques to improve my own wellness and energy levels. My discoveries have led me to a much more consistent state of health and the perfect ways to get a little extra zing in my day.

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“Pressure” To Be Well

First, I just got involved with a health and wellness website called Wellsphere.com. With thousands of posts and articles from health bloggers like me, you can find just about anything you're looking for on many topics.

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Ten Instant Health Boosters

1. Spend 15-30 minutes a day thinking about a dear loved one. The process of building love relationships helps the brain to create new neural pathways. 2. Declutter your home. When things are out of place and disarray, you can feel overwhelmed and tired. Find places for those items that always seem to be in the way. It's shoes at my house that never seem to get put up.

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