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Five Best Instant Energy Boosters

Coming to you as a woman who has dealt with low energy issues off and on for years, primarily due to chronic pain (migraine) and insufficient sleep, I’m also one who researches and uses many techniques to improve my own wellness and energy levels.  My discoveries have led me to a much more consistent  state of health and the perfect ways to get a little extra zing in my day.

The human body is basically a complex system of  passases that channel energy to organs, the nervous system, and to every cell.  When there are blockages in those “pipes”, you experience low energy.  Think of it as the plumbing in your home.  I know all of you have had a clog in either your sink or toilet at some point.  Yes, it’s annoying and even gross depending on what the “clog” consists of.  Well, that is true with the body’s “plumbing”, too.  It gets pretty gross sometimes.

When you’re emotionally compromised or physically ill, for instance, getting that clog unstuck can be difficult, possibly requiring several methods or therapies.  However, the following tips are some of my favorites that DO give you an instant boost if you need it.  Please add your energy-boosting tips in the comments so we all can benefit.


Activating the Home Base of Energy

There is a small gland located in your chest called the Thymus that regulates and monitors the body’s energy flow.  It has even been considered the link between body and mind, being the first organ to be affected by negative attitudes and stress.

Reflexology Action: Stand with your back straight.  With your fingers, locate the sternum (bone between the breasts), and gently tap the area for about ten seconds.  This will stimulate the Thymus gland to release energy to the entire body as well as boost your immune system.


Use Your Imagination

The mind is a powerful thing when it comes to generating images and changing your perspective.  If you’re experiencing low energy due to a poor attitude, try the following mental exercise:

Get into a comfortable position, relax, and visualize yourself doing an activity that brings you joy and fulfillment; such as, being with friends, playing sports, or being on vacation.  This will be something special that you can revisit as needed.  The key is to feel the emotional high that comes with doing that particular activity.  Try to spend at least fifteen minutes doing this for best results.


Aromatherapy Shower

I picked a shower as opposed to a bath for obvious reasons.  The spray of the water actually stimulates reflexes on your head and upper body, whereas, a bath is more of a take-the-energy-down-a-notch event.  To add an even greater level of energy-boosting power, use a body wash or shampoo with one of these scents:


Hint: if you can’t find products already made with these, try adding a few drops of essential oil to a natural, unscented variety or have an aromatherapy expert like Joyful Girl Naturals make you one.


A Hair Raising Experience

You might find this one a little odd, but it really does do the trick if you need a fast pick-me-up.  Grab a section of hair toward the base and pull just enough to feel the instant stimulating tingles that radiate down your body.  Do this all over your head.  This amazing form of reflexology also does wonders for your libido. =)


Get Competitive

Ask someone to engage in some form of competition with you.  It can be physical, a foot race or arm wrestling (if you can get up enough energy for it, you’ll be good for hours later).  For you more intellectual types, try a brain game; such as, riddles or a memory game.  You can even have a cooking competition.  The point is to engage your mind in an activity that brings out a little adrenaline…wanting to win does the trick.

I hope you get the chance to try some of my favorite energy-boosters.  Keep in mind that you may have some underlying cause to chronic low energy, so don’t hesitate to see your healthcare provider if you are concerned about your health.  Now, it’s your turn to add your ideas below.  Be well-be beautiful-be happy.

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  1. I always find my self in need of ways to have more energy. I am literally always exausted, allthough i do admit i have the worst diet and don’t drink as much water as i should (amd i smoke) but i love reading articles like this that give tips and ways of helping. :)))

    • Glad you found them useful. Obtaining health is like peeling an onion, it takes time and can make you cry…on occasion. Keep working toward it. If you need any help, let me know. I offer coaching services in that area.

    • Exercise, if you can, helps.Sleeping enough helps.Lack of stsres in your life helps.Eating well and taking liquid vitamins is a huge help.Be sure you take liquid magnesium and a few other minerals and herbs that will help you.I started to take magnesium and have seen a huge diff. I also take now a liquid vitamin from the health food store, that has the vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc and some anti aging things. IT is life changing. Source of Life is what that one is called, and I get the one in the red bottle, for the anti aging. I also take a few other things, beside enuff D and the liquid magnesium.Then, walk with God, pray , and expect you will feel better, and you will.This began to happen to me as well and I was very concerned. But dont just ask a person working in the health food store, I learned the hard way, Some just work there and know nothing. Be sure you ask the owner, or manager, whoever is the dietician or herbologist there. They can show you things on the web as well and have print out sheets for many things. Most are very helpful.If you can, and I cant, do to stomach and bowl issues, eating only raw foods is he best way to go, but for many of us, its too hard to digest raw foods. If one can eat them, its the best way to go.Full Gospel Shirley

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