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Handling Unplanned Pregnancy During The Dating Period

You get the news: you are pregnant after dating someone for a month? It can happen, and it does, more than you probably know. "How did this happen," you painfully wonder. Well, obviously you took a chance and had sex without protection. Regardless of the reason behind your passion misstep, you need to make some decisions and make them fast. The question: how do you handle this situation with the guy you hardly know? Here is a quick overview of what you need to consider.

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6 Golden Rules Of Starting A New Relationship

Starting a new relationship with someone is equally exciting as it is confusing. You’ve met someone who interests you and the feeling seems to be mutual. But at this initial stage, things are unsure, as you may have no idea what the other person is thinking. You may not even know for sure what you feel. What you think they might want could be the total opposite and vice versa. This could lead to stress and misunderstanding that could be easily avoided. The way you navigate the early stages of a new relationship just might determine whether it's long term or just a fling. We all want our relationships to succeed. Fortunately, there are some things you can do at the beginning to give the romance a fighting chance. Here are my 6 golden rules that will help you enjoy your time together and give your relationship a fantastic start.

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