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Irresistable Inverted Triangle

Irresistable Inverted Triangle by korikovacs on Polyvore

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Why Do You Wear Clothes?

Clothing is actually the most underutilized tool at our daily disposal (IMO of course!).... So often do we just go to the store, find our “size”, throw it in the cart, and hope that it “fits”. Will it meet the bare necessities? Most likely, yes. Will it be comfortable? Maybe. Will it flatter you? Well.... probably not, unless you get really lucky (refer to my first post, Rule No. 4... Try EVERYTHING on). What a lot of women don’t realize is....

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Fashionista Inspirations: Where Do I Look?

So, after reading my post last week.... maybe you think, “Yes. I need some help in this whole fashion image area. But where the heck do I start??” A lot of women I come across feel that way. They know their wardrobe needs some TLC, but short of stripping all the mannequins in the store.... many women don’t really know how to put together a “look”. But before you even step foot in a store and spend your hard-earned money, you need to have a plan. An idea. An inspiration!

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Finding Style Confidence

For some women (even me) changing their look can be a scary thing. We get comfortable with what we see in the mirror and assume that others feel the same way when they look at us. So, why should we change? For me it’s about being creative and allowing self-expression. Your reason may be something completely different.

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