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Finding Style Confidence

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For some women (even me) changing their look can be a scary thing.  We get comfortable with what we see in the mirror and assume that others feel the same way when they look at us.  So, why should we change?  For me it’s about being creative and allowing self-expression.  Your reason may be something completely different.  Maybe you want to look younger or older; it could be that you have been stuck in another decade with your style and hair; maybe you have just recovered from illness and want to start fresh.  The fact is no matter what the reason, we should at least try a new look occasionally.

It’s Easier When You Can See It

One of the things I did before embarking on my drastic hair change was visualization.  I actually allowed myself to see what my new style would look like before I stepped into the salon.  The woman I saw in my mind was me, just with different hair and makeup.  The technique prepared me for the change.  It even stirred up some excitement that I had not felt for years.  The Kellie I once embraced was going to show on the outside again.

If you have trouble visualizing a new do, try using a hairstyle program like the one on MaryKay.com.  You can download a photo of yourself onto the site and add makeup and hair samples until you find just the right look.  It’s actually fun to see what you’d look like with different styles.

Building Confidenceconfidence

When you find a style, you can live with, take the photo to your hairstylist and get a professional opinion.  Sometimes what we think would be good might not be the best for our face shape or hair texture.  My hairdresser new that a short, platinum blond look would be a great fit for me, as she knows my hair and me well.  Also, be prepared to change other aspects of your look with some new makeup and even clothing to compliment your changes.

Make sure to take your makeup to the salon the day of your appointment so you can freshen up after your hair is finished.  This is a great way to gain confidence in your new look.  Making an appointment with a makeup artist or beauty consultant the same day might be a good idea if you’re looking for an update in that area as well.

In the next part of my series on “Changing Your Style”, I will be focusing on specific changes in your wardrobe and your attitude.  Until then, be well-be beautiful.

Photo 1 by Tarnishedhalo; photo 2 by wilburdl

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