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The Awakening

Being awakened is a beautiful thing. And I don't just mean in a spiritual sense, although it is that, too. I mean truly discovering, or in most cases rediscovering, yourself- the one you put on a shelf because someone thought you were too much, too big, too wild, too whatever! We, women, tend to do that. In part, it's our collaborative nature. But it's also because, as young girls and women, we receive such mixed messages from everyone about what it means to be female.

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Meet Amazing Young Singer Kim Tillman

ANOTHER AMAZING YOUNG SINGER MAKING HER MARK Introducing Kim Tillman How lucky am I?  Getting into contact with these amazingly talented people – all ages, …

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Remember the balance beam in the school yard? Did you walk on it, balancing with your arms out from your side in the air? What about the lines on the sidewalk that you would walk like a tightrope? It was all about feeling the success of walking the line without falling off. We all have experienced that bliss of success. We also all know how it feels to "fall" and be in the topsy-turvey moments. How did you handle it when you fell off the balance beam? Did you criticize yourself? Did you swear to never get up on that thing again? Or, did you get right back up and take the risk of falling off again? Maybe a little of both? But here is the nitty-gritty: Each choice we make has a purpose. Life requires moments of imbalance in order to find the perfect balance.

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Am I Beautiful?

I received this in my inbox this morning and had to share it with you "beautiful" women. You WILL find it inspiring and deeply moving at the same time. Please pass it on to every woman you know who could use a kind word, a springboard to her greatness...

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