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Meet Canadian Actor Musician April Richards

April Gammon. Remember that name. She is another past bullying victim who is rising above her nightmare to reach for the stars and achieve her dreams. This lovely young Canadian actor and musician has always aspired to be an entertainer and has now begun to realise that aspiration. She is extremely fortunate in that her "very supportive husband" is always pushing her towards her goals – encouraging her to always try and never give up. And, above all, to always have fun with whatever she is doing . April loves writing, singing and acting.

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6 Things Creative Women Do To Change The World

Most of you know me as a believer that everyone is "creative" in one way or another; however, be that as it may, there are some things active "creatives" do on a regular basis that set them apart. I'm talking about those who want to change the world, that is. These six habits cause those moments of inspiration that drive us to actually create without reserve and without worry, to bring beauty to our world.

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Why You Want Boredom…Sometimes

It occurred to me that boredom or the state of being bored is not such a bad thing. Yes, it's uncomfortable; it makes you feel useless; it creates a low-energy vibe; and it makes others think you are ungrateful. "Wow, Kellie, that doesn't sound like something I want in my life," you so forcefully say. Hold on there...I have a point.

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