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6 Things Creative Women Do To Change The World

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Most of you know me as a believer that everyone is “creative” in one way or another; however, be that as it may, there are some things active “creatives”  do on a regular basis that set them apart.  I’m talking about those who want to change the world, that is.  These six habits cause those moments of inspiration that drive us to actually create without reserve and without worry, to bring beauty to our world.  It’s important to understand we all have the ability to increase inspiration and creativity in our lives no matter how much, or how little, we think we create now.  I’m not just talking about the arts here; I’m referring to the creative ability that is innate to us as humans.  We are all born to bring life to the world, to make things work better, to believe things can be more beautiful, to create lives that reflect joy and love…now, that is creating.  Read on for six life-changing habits of creative, serving  people.

1. Live In the Moment:  This is one of those easier-said-than- done statements most don’t really ever truly get.  Honestly, it’s hard.  We naturally worry about the future, dwell on the past, and even stumble in our present.  But when you get this principle of embracing the moment you are in and the feelings that come with it, it’s like a huge weight is lifted from your shoulders.  Really.  I won’t say I’ve mastered it completely myself, but I’ve learned to more effectively cherish the seconds and minutes that can mean the difference between joy and sorrow or faith and fear.

2. Keep A Childlike Heart:  Seeing the world through the eyes of a child is one of the most fulfilling things we can do.  They generally walk in love, wonder, freedom of speech and creative expression.  They see the world as a playground ready to be experienced.  When was the last time you felt that way?

3. Encourage Others:  Creatives see potential in everything and everyone.  They find something to love about all that is…even if others don’t.  And, they don’t hesitate to bring a slice of joy and hope to those who are lucky enough to cross their path.  Keep in mind this habit is one that incorporates having a good heart and a serving attitude.  Without these character traits, a creative person could become dark and destructive, which is also a form of creative expression.

4. Open Minded:  Again, everything has potential, so why criticize that which you’ve never tried or experienced.  Creatives welcome new adventures and crazy ideas (their own and those of others).  They actually might try anything once.

5. Believe In Spiritual Inspiration:  The three parts of our being, Body, Mind, and Spirit, all make up a complete package that gets the job of “life” done.  To what degree we pay attention to each part varies from person to person. I do know if even one of the three gets ignored, or deprived of nurturing, the whole being suffers.  So, spirituality is an important part of creativity, of life itself.

6. Get Over Themselves:  Well, this one is a little more complicated.  When you are amazingly creative, it’s easy to get puffed up or self-centered.  It’s all that attention you’re getting.  But, here’s the thing, if you want to create a better world, you have to shift the focus to something else besides yourself.  If only everyone could do this one…

How do you creatively “change the world”?  Please do tell…

Be Beautiful-Be Creative-Be Happy!


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