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5 Strategies To Build Greater Self-Confidence

The road to building self-confidence does not offer a simple, straight trip. Instead, it is a winding lifelong path that brings us to experience many …

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5 Ways To Encourage Women To Be Leaders

Women’s lives can be busy with home, children, work, pets, and significant others. Self-care and reflection can slip through your fingers without awareness much of the time. It’s not surprising that many women shy away from leadership roles at work or in other organizations. After all, who needs the added stress? However, the world needs strong women to show up and share their unique abilities and gifts. So, how do we enable ourselves to lead more and still keep the balance? Furthermore, how do we encourage our daughters, sisters, friends, clients, neighbors and moms to fulfill their leadership potential? Here are my top 5 ways to encourage women to be leaders!

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5 Qualities Of Independent Strong Women

Each woman is unique, but I have noticed some distinct similarities among the strong women that tout "I am woman, hear me roar!" One thing apparent to me is they didn't achieve this state by living a sheltered and perfect life. No, they went through some shit...and they conquered fear, rejection, doubt, co-dependency, and many other not-so-pleasant things. If you've been playing around the banks of women's strength and independence, here are my top 5 common qualities that you can adopt today!

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Human Rights Activist, Monica Perrett, Simply Keeps Fighting

It gives me very great pleasure, to say nothing of pride, to introduce a woman who is all the above and more and also my friend of some years’ standing. Please meet aged care worker, Monica Perrett, mum to six and grandmum to one. A real battler. Monica says, she has always supported the underdog and fights for what she believes is right. And, believe me, I have watched her, albeit from afar, and she is all that she says she is.

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