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Fierce And Feminine, Fighting For Future

Happy International Women's Day everyone! I hope this day finds you thankful for your unique feminine qualities and strength. I truly believe there is a fierce women's movement happening on the planet today. This forward motion is driven by women just like you and me who desire change and a safe, blissful future for ourselves, families, and generations to come. Though, I support the idea of one woman bringing change to the planet, I know how much more groups of women banding together, collaborating and fighting for truth, can multiply that change exponentially.

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Soaring Feminine Spirit

Sorry about the lateness of my post...it's already Monday in some parts of the world. Anyway, I'd like to share a piece of prose that was an exercise from our exclusive email community. That's why you didn't see it on Women's Creative Life Link. So, if you haven't already signed up for our weekly newsletter, please do today so you don't miss the next issue. The form is in the right sidebar and says "Want To Bring Out Your Creative Mojo?" The exercise was to creatively express your femininity. And because writing is my main form of self-expression, I chose to share the following...

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The Life Women Want to Live

I think I'm in good company when I say there is a distinct difference between the life I'm living and the one I want to live. Hear me out...please. I'm not saying that I'm not thankful for who I am and the hand I've been dealt; I'm merely pointing out that we all have passions and dreams that have not been fulfilled. And those powerful visions of a life not realized can really be a driving force to make self-improvements in hopes that the gap gets a little smaller.

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Women’s Life Change

I've been thinking a lot lately about how a woman really changes throughout her life. I watch my youngest flit around the house in her 2.5 year-old body, full of laughter and energy I only dream of in my more mature state. Then there are my teens. They are full of hope and dreams of their future, waiting for those big events to wash over them and not realizing that they pass too quickly. They don't yet grasp the fact that they are creating their futures with every thought and action of which they presently partake.

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