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Women’s Life Change

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how a woman really changes throughout her life. I watch my youngest flit around the house, full of laughter and energy I only dream of in my more mature state.  Then there are my teens.  They are full of hope and dreams of their future, waiting for those big events to wash over them and not realizing that they pass too quickly.  They don’t yet grasp the fact that they are creating their futures with every thought and action of which they presently partake.

Then there are my older daughters who are grown and on their own. They understand more than your average twenty-somethings…IMO.  It’s such a crucial stage of life…as each one is, but this decade in particular is one that really marks a woman’s life with direction and purpose if she lets it.

As we age it’s harder to reposition ourselves in new places and dreams if we have not previously visited them. I want so much for those young twenties ladies to hear and understand that they don’t have to wait until they are in their thirties, forties, or fifties to live with authentic purpose.  It’s just a decision, one that can be made at any age.  I say, the sooner the better.

The primary importance is to always develop and grow no matter what age you are. And as moms, we should always encourage our daughters to know themselves; to explore their inner creativity; to be all that they dream of being; and partake of all that they are passionate about.

And if you’re one of those ladies who waited until you were mature to seek purpose or you still don’t know what it is, it’s OK. It’s never too late to be who you truly are.  She’s waiting for you to let her out…

Be Beautiful-Be Creative-Be Happy!

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