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Fierce And Feminine, Fighting For Future

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I hope this day finds you thankful for your unique feminine qualities and strength.  I truly believe there is a fierce women’s movement happening on the planet today.  This forward motion is driven by women just like you and me who desire change and a safe, blissful future for ourselves, families, and generations to come.  Though, I support the idea of one woman bringing change to the planet, I know how much more groups of women banding together, collaborating and fighting for truth, can multiply that change exponentially.  That is why I’m encouraging you to become a part of a women’s group or cause that resonates with your deepest passions.  Even if all you can do is join a Facebook group or page and comment every once in awhile, that’s great!  Start checking out other women’s pages, blogs, websites, and books to get a feel for what is happening out there in other lives, communities, and cultures.  And if you can support women in business, please do so whenever possible.  We have the ability to do so much together!

Be Fierce

Fierce: Showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity

It’s time to bring some heartfelt and powerful intense change to our lives – the kind that gets noticed!  First, you must see it, embrace it, and walk in it.  Others will see it when you fully live it.  What kind of change are you talking about?  Well, I’m referring to the releasing of limiting beliefs, healing of past wounds, the ending of self-sabotage, the setting of doable goals, the transformation of fear into faith, the execution of steps to fulfill your dreams…anything that moves you closer to your purpose and dreams.

How much would you accomplish with a little fierceness…with a lot?

Can you imagine what it would be like to stare fear, procrastination, wishy-washyness, failure, excuses, illness, barriers, and poverty in the face, and with one fierce intention, say goodbye to them forever?  I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve done it!  I’ve seen others do it!  And you can do it too!  The key is the intention.  Wait…fierce intention!  Heartfelt. Powerful.  Intense.  No, you can’t just change your life by wishing you could or even saying you’re going to.  It’s a deeper calling than that.  It’s a I’m-going-to-do-this-or-starve-to-death kind of thing.  Picture a fierce tiger ready to catch that evening’s meal.  She is crouching low, muscles strong and ready, eyes on the target, every outside element is noted but not distracting, waiting for the perfect time to strike.  She is fierce and WILL get her meal.  She saves her life and that of her family every time she executes this strength and inner drive to survive.  I want you to think of changing your life as that tiger thinks of her meal…a necessity.

Be Feminine

Try for a moment to envision what the planet would be like without women.  It’s hard, really.  First of all, the obvious would happen…extinction for our species.  Well, what about feminine spirit?  How important is it that we each embrace our unique feminine qualities and purpose?  I believe it is also imperative to the survival of our species.  Without the loving, intuitive, strong, mediating, empathetic, persuasive, creative, beautiful, and exhorting qualities of women, we would eventually exterminate ourselves.  I think you can see the crucial times in which we live right now.  It’s a world in trouble.  But we have the feminine power to change it.  Yes, you and I can band together with millions of other women to create change that saves lives and brings joy to the masses.  It starts with you, deciding to change your own life enough to make a difference to those around you.

“The woman’s mission is not to enhance the masculine spirit, but to express the feminine; hers is not to preserve a man-made world, but to create a human world by the infusion of the feminine element into all of its activities.” −Margaret Thatcher

Fight for Future

The weapons of our warfare are love, peace, joy, hope, tolerance, empathy, and healing.  We hold these things within ourselves.  With each passing day and life experience, we acquire more.  You can choose to hide your weapons or you can fight for our future with them.  This fight is not the typical war zone battle, it’s one fought by sharing yourself with others and doing so regularly.  Your contribution to the world…our world is a piece of the grand puzzle – the one that needs to be completed.  Each generation has these warrior women in it.  All of us alive right now are in this army.  Our post is here and now…our lives, our connections, our dreams.  So, really every time we don’t succeed at fulfilling our own dreams, we fail many.  Have you ever thought about it like that before?  If not, try it.  Start thinking about how you can make a difference.  About how your dreams connect to the bigger picture and the greater good of mankind.

“Many of our troubles in the world today arise from an over-emphasis of the masculine, and a neglect of the feminine. This modern world is an aggressive, hyperactive, competitive, masculine world, and it needs the woman’s touch as never before.” −Eva Burrows

Start Here

You can start by connecting to us here at Women’s LifeLink.  We want you to join in our mission to bring quality information to the women of the world.  You can do this by subscribing to our RSS feed and/or newsletter, liking our Facebook page, following us on Twitter and sharing our content with your connections. Even simple comments on our articles can have a lasting affect on others.  We also have personal and business coaching programs to help you turn the next page of your life and finally succeed at fulfilling some of those dormant dreams.  Supporting our sponsors, buying our books and products, attending our events are all ways you can strengthen our tribe and glean powerful information for yourself.

Authors Wanted

We are still searching for unique women from various cultures, races, ages, and experiences to join our author panel.  If you are ready to share yourself with the women of the world and love to write, we want you!  To apply, simple email Kellie at womenslifelink@gmail.com and tell us a little about yourself and what you would like to share if given the opportunity.  Please also include a recent photo, short bio, and a sample article (300 to 600 words).

So, give us a shout out about how you intend to fiercely change your life and the world!

Love you all…and don’t forget to just be YOU!

About Kellie R. Stone

"I make no excuses for my diverse roles as a Rock Your Feminine Type Coach™ and Branding Expert, best-selling author, and crime thriller novelist. Yes, I do still chuckle a bit at the irony. I kick ass as a women’s biz coach by day and kill off vulnerable fiction characters at night. What the hell, it makes for some interesting dreams. I believe that everyone should pursue their passions no matter how out there they seem to be. One of those pure heart-fluttering passions for me has always been writing. Since I did, indeed, chase my dream of being a writer, I've published two non-fiction books in the self-development genre, co-authored an international best seller, and now I'm finally pushing my much-too-old-to-be-in-the-nest novel out the door and into the world. My whole world is empowering and I adore showing others how to live life unfiltered, whether I do that through the written word or my coaching work. I love my job!" ~Kellie R. Stone

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