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4 Business Safety Musts For Protecting Your Staff

Protecting your staff in the workplace goes far beyond the key fob they are provided with when they first join the company. Their health and …

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6 Steps To Ensure Workplace Safety

No matter what size your business is, safety needs to be a priority. Workplace safety isn’t just about being up to code or working correctly, …

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Stay Healthy And Safe At The Office

You may think that sitting at a desk in an office for nine hours a day doesn’t pose any risks to your health, but you’d be wrong. You may not be exposed to dangerous machinery or at risk for falling, but that doesn’t mean that your workplace doesn't have hidden health pitfalls. Work-related illnesses and injuries can happen anywhere and anytime, even in a cubicle in an office building.

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Dangerous Occupational Illnesses To Watch Out For

When you are at work, you expect to be safe, right? Your employers should be attentive to potential dangers lurking in and around the workplace, but you must be proactive, too. That means being aware of how you feel, your surroundings and the general environment. Using safety equipment and wearing protective clothing can help protect you from unforeseen environmental dangers. It is also important that you discuss any concerns with your employer when they arise. Together, you should be able to create a workplace and schedule to ensure your safety. Here are some common but completely avoidable workplace illnesses and conditions.

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