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The Empty Page

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Today I drove down to Carter Dock. It is a lovely area that is like a lagoon. Half of the parking lot was covered in water. I parked and got my lawn chair out and strategically placed it at the water’s edge. Then I sat down, planting my feet in ankle deep water on this warm and sunny, delightful day. As the water played with my ankles, I opened my book to a new page.

Ah! Metaphors. I see them everywhere and use them religiously. In front of me was an empty page. What would I write about? It was empty with grand possibilities! Just like waking this morning to a new day.

Each day we wake to a blank page. You were the one who wrote on yesterday’s page. Then last night while you slept, the page turned. Here you are today. You woke to either sun, snow, rain or clouds with a page that had turned, and here it is.

What will you write today?

Will you do something crazy? Extreme? Will you dare to take a chance on something? Will you act out a goal that had been written on a previous page from your life?

The water is cool and gently tugs on my jeans, as a hawk soars high above in the tree line and I wonder…Is it your turn to fly? You had at one point only been able to crawl. Then slowly you walked. Now…Is it time to fly? A bird chirps while the lake continues to talk to my feet. What song will you sing today? Will it be the same song as yesterday? Will it have a new message? A new tune?

My page is now half full of questions for how I will write about my life today. But still they continue to jump at me like the a fish that just took to the air for attention. What did I want to do yesterday that did not get written on yesterday’s page? Could I do it today? How long will I wait before I take the pen of action?

Now two hawks fly at a distance. Maybe I should invite someone to fly with me. Can I encourage someone else as they write on their page today? Maybe they will start a new novel today? I know my actions today will not complete me; it is an everyday process, filling the pages as I go.

What about you?

Do you have an idea to write down today? Do you have a word of encouragement to pass on? Maybe you will fill up your page with action verbs today. Or maybe today is a day of nouns of direct address. Who should you talk to? What will you say? Or maybe your day should be a time just for you. Yes! Maybe you need to write this day in solitude? Don’t forget to take a moment for yourself and just regroup. Refresh.

Whatever you feel you should write on your page today, be assured that whether you use pen, colored pencils, markers or crayons you can delete or erase what you do not like. White out? An eraser? Don’t be scared to just completely rewrite a paragraph of your day! While you cannot erase what you say or do, you can take a moment and ask yourself for forgiveness and try again.

Life is too short to wish you had written something different yesterday! If you feel the need, rewrite your story today, because today you awakened to an empty page.



About Karin Rochelle

My desire is to reach out to women with three goals in mind. Encourage. Enlighten. Engage. I also carry these desires into my music. This year I hope to expand my horizons not just for myself, but for those around me. I would like to encourage women to build each other up, to take risks and focus on goals and succeed in the challenges of everyday life. Nothing is too hard to accomplish with a support system. I want to enlighten or reconnect them to concepts they hold dear but have fallen away from, teaching how to make wiser decisions that not only focus on personal well being but that of mankind.

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