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The Truth About Splenda


By Anca Lamse, M.D.

The New Yorker magazine published an article in 2006 entitled “The Search for Sweet.”  In that article, the author describes how this artificial sweetener (Splenda) was initially intended to be an insecticide (it contained chlorine atoms; DDT and other insecticides contain chlorine).

In 1975, the young Indian chemist working with this substance tasted it and found that it was sweet.
(He misunderstood when he was told to “test” it, so he “tasted” it instead.)

You can go to your local library and get the full article, but the few paragraphs below (see link) should give you an idea about what kind of substance Splenda is.  After you read it, decide for yourself if you want to eat it.
Stevia is a more natural alternative, but you still should use it in moderation. We simply were NOT meant to eat sweets all day long (fake OR natural).

How much candy do you think the primitive man had available to eat?
Well, our genes have not changed much, so our bodies cannot deal with eating lots of sugar.  Diabetes, (which is aging in fast-forward), cancer, and other diseases are more prevalent if we eat too many sweets.  The more sweet stuff you eat, the more you crave it.  You will not crave it as much if you stay away from it for a few days.

Enjoy the reading.

The Search for Sweet

About the author

Dr. Anca Lamse is a board certified Family Practice physician who completed her residency training at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis. She and her husband, Kevin Lamse, are both passionate about wellness, prevention and healthy living. Anca Lamse received a BS in Biology from Northwestern University and went to medical school at Rush University in Chicago. Dr. Lamse was born in Romania, where she lived for the first fifteen years of her life. That is where she first experienced integrative medicine. She is fluent in the Romanian language. Our mission is to empower motivated patients to take charge of their health by addressing the individual needs of each person, and by drawing upon conventional and alternative therapies. Dr. Lamse is accepting new patients. Lamse Wellness Clinic, LLC 2000 E 116th St Carmel, IN 46032 http://www.lamsewc.com/

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Health Disclaimer

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