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This-and-That Tuesday: A Workout, a Blog, and Dr. Mercola

♦This-and-That Tuesday♦

I have a few things to tell you today.  First, please welcome our new author, Madeline, to the panel of talented women.  She posted her inaugural article yesterday and is anxiously awaiting to hear from you ladies.  Give her some feedback at madeline.womenslifelink@gmail.com or just a quick comment if you can.

Book Review

I don’t have a product review today but would like to share a book that I recently read. The Beautiful Skin Workout: Eight Weeks to the Smoothest, Healthiest Skin of Your Life, by Dr. Michelle Copeland, M.D., D.M.D. is a comprehensive resource for obtaining the best skin you can have.  I read it in one sitting and was thrilled to discover that I was already doing most of her plan.  With the goal being “creamy skin”, the book takes you through an eight week plan that anyone can follow.  It not only focuses on  topical skin care but also the lifestyle changes most women need to make in order to get the skin they want.

A Harvard graduate and world-renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Copeland, brings the technical expertise you would expect from a physician but does it in a way that  those of us who have not graduated from medical school can understand it.  And real-life testimonies of her easy-to-follow guide give this book an “if I can do this, you can do this” theme.

One of the most significant things I found about Dr. Copeland’s book was the fact that she promotes the need for true health to gain beauty.  She also reveals that some of her repeat cosmetic surgery patients are still not happy despite all the money they’ve spent.  “When I evaluate their faces, I tell them exactly why no surgery will correct the problems we both see:  Their skin is in terrible shape,” says Copeland.

If you’ve been looking for an all-inclusive plan to change your skin, The Beautiful Skin Workout is a brilliant resource.

Worthy Website

I also wanted to share a wonderful website that keeps you updated on all things health and wellness.  I get the link daily via my email and always find it educational and quite informative.  The site is called Mercola.com; check it out if you get a chance.

Women’s Blogs to Love

Since today’s topic seemed to focus on skin care, I wanted to tell you about a blog that is full of helpful hints for putting your best face forward.  Our own, Jeffrie Ann Hall (Esthetician), meets you where you are with your skin.  Check out Beauty and the Blog for tips, info, and giveaways.

Meet us next Tuesday for more reviews, recommendations, and finds.  Until then, be well-be beautiful.

***Because we are Amazon Associates, if you choose to purchase the book we have reviewed from our link, we will receive a small revenue.  Thank you for supporting Women’s Life Link.

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