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Transitioning To A Living Life Without Alcohol

Alcohol is something that most of us have tried at some point in our lives. Whether we regularly drink with friends as a social activity or if we drink alcoholic drinks for the taste, it’s a relatively common thing for most people. However, we all understand that alcohol can have negative effects on our bodies, minds, and lives in general. Binge drinking and drinking every day to calm down are two signs that someone might have some dependence on alcohol.

Eventually, it can get to a point where alcohol influences decisions and actions. At that point, it’s much easier to lose control of yourself and your life. If you find yourself in these situations, it is a good time to transition to a life without alcohol. That said, I know it is not as easy as that for everyone. Serious life change takes patience, perseverance, and positive action. 

Breaking Free from Alcohol

If you or someone you know is struggling to avoid drinking, it’s important to surround yourself with people that positively influence you and your choices. It might mean staying away from certain people and places for a while until you get things under control. You might even consider moving to an upscale sober living property or seeking professional medical help from an addiction specialist.

Don’t take frequent alcohol use or an addiction lightly as it can quickly overwhelm you and take over your life. It’s best to seek help as quickly as possible. While there are many different ways for you to slowly break free from alcohol use, I recommend speaking to your doctor or therapist to get the best advice and to create a safe, effective plan. However, if you find that it’s not so much an addiction problem but more of a social one, deal with that as effectively as you can.

Social Drinking

Many women drink socially even if they don’t like drinking on their own. For example, we are usually expected to raise a glass at weddings, to drink at parties, and be pressured into having a drink just because it’s the norm and everyone else is. It’s important to remember that we always have a choice. Setting boundaries around alcohol is a good way to keep drinking under control. For example, set drink limits and let your friends know what that is, so they are aware of your desires. 


The idea of cutting alcohol from your diet can be difficult due to social pressure, but it’s important to stand your ground and politely decline when you’re offered alcohol if you are abstaining. There are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to consider instead in cases where you want to be a part of a social event but not drink alcohol. For instance, many bars now offer mocktails as non-alcohol substitutes. These taste similar to the real deal, yet they don’t contain a single drop of booze.

Social drinking can be a problem for many people, especially if they’re easily influenced and find it hard to say no or turn down an offer of alcohol. If you find that people criticize you for doing so, it might be more of a boundary problem with your friends. Know that a true friend will understand your choices and will actively help you achieve the goal of avoiding alcohol. 

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