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The Power300 

(Powerful life lessons brought to you in 300 words or less…OK, so I go over a little sometimes.)

Women’s LifeLink founder, Kellie R. Stone

If you are like me, you tend to be anxious to get the end results of anything you do.  Though there is nothing wrong with wanting to finish stuff, impatience can cause you to pull the proverbial trigger a little early.  And when you’re dealing with important decisions and the development of your dreams, it serves in a greater way to wait for things to enter your life naturally, especially if you know you have intuitive gifts.  So, you pushy bitches out there don’t like this very much, do you?  I’m sorry…no I’m not!

That said, action is still a huge component of any goal or dream.  But action based on an intuitive knowing opens doors not found otherwise.  Recently, my business and marketing coach, Linda Joy, assigned me homework concerning the development of my brand and the essence of who I am and whom I want to serve.  I was really excited about what would come of it because I knew how important it was.  I began to open my mind and heart to new things and to what has been there all along.  Normally, I would have just jotted down what was on my heart or in my head, but this was a new leaf, a stepping stone to greater dreams.  I am tempted to go with what I’ve discovered so far in this assignment; however, if I did, I would be cheating myself and all the women I will serve in the future out of the true and complete message that I’m meant to share.  It’s cooking but it’s not quite ready yet!  So, Linda, I’ve got more coming!

Bottom line is this: take time to seek inner truth and self-essence before embarking on life changing journeys; such as, business, relationships, education, jobs, having children, and any life transitions.  I’ve learned my lesson so many times by “hurrying things along”.

Tell us how waiting or having patience for something has affected your life?  We’d also like to hear about the times when you didn’t wait.


About Kellie R. Stone

Kellie is a women's life purpose visionary, inner journey strategist and Intuitive Energy Healer who received her certification through Karen Coffey an The Hope of Humanity Foundation. As a writer, her articles have been published on Livestrong.com, All Things Chic, Time Finders Magazine, Successful Life and Living, and many other blogs and e-zines. She is also the international best selling co-author of Success In Beauty: Secrets to Effortless Fulfillment and Happiness, as well as the author of Are You Out of Your Freakin’ Mind?…break mental barriers and live from your sacred creative space and The Butterfly Payoff.

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