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4 Extraordinary Ways Technology Is Changing Medicine

The world of medicine changes every day, so the extraordinary ways technology is changing medicine is no surprise. Much of this transition has to do with technology. What does this mean for the patient? Actually, quite a lot. Let’s start with the fact that quality care and accuracy are getting a makeover. It also means faster and safer methods for treatment, producing medication, and gathering vital information.

Think about how the simplest changes like being able to make an online GP appointment or the use of telehealth have improved your life. For instance, in the past, amputees had multiple challenges even getting fitted for appropriate replacement limbs. These days, technology has opened up a whole new level of prosthetics and training methods for amputees. This is just one amazing example! 

Extraordinary Ways Technology Is Changing Medicine #1: Surgical Advancements

Cool prosthetics are certainly not the only medical advancement that technology has brought.  Surgical procedures are not likely to be completed without help from computers and some machines. Instead, surgeons rely on highly technological lasers, cameras, and sophisticated devices to patch up patients. There’s a good reason for this. You can complete surgery more precisely with technological assistance, which leaves less chance for human error. 

Extraordinary Ways Technology Is Changing Medicine #2: Going Where No One Has Gone Before

One of the coolest breakthroughs on the horizon is nanotechnology. Being tested in Israel right now, nanotech has a wide range of uses. Perhaps, the most exciting use is that it has the potential to locate and heal internal wounds within seconds. The applications are endless, considering the subatomic level at which this extraordinary method works. We are not quite there yet, but advancements are coming hard and fast. According to TheGuardian.com, within five years we will be able to examine fluids for harmful disease at this level before sickness even sets in. Furthermore, they are hopeful that the same technology will be able to filter out such cells, eliminating the disease altogether. Wow…and more wow!

Extraordinary Ways Technology Is Changing Medicine #3: Doctor To Doctor Interaction

These days almost every medical practice and hospital uses some form of telemedicine. If you take a closer look at 4 types of telemedicine companies, you will see the goal of better doctor-to-doctor interaction and communication. This means that information is shared more easily and regularly. Anyone with a chronic condition understands the need for accurate and efficient connections between a team of physicians. 

Extraordinary Ways Technology Is Changing Medicine#4: Doctor-Patient Interaction

When you visit a doctor, there are certain limitations to the amount of time and interaction you have with him or her. This is usually not a good thing for most people. After all, we want to feel acknowledged and important, not like a number. This is where technology comes into play. By speeding up some of the administrative procedures with online platforms and phone apps, doctors can have more time with their patients. Medical facilities like hospitals and surgery centers can also take advantage of new technology to make their patient experience better, safer, and more accurate. 

I hope that technology will improve the overall experience with any medical practitioner or facility. It does, however, have the potential to make things cold and impersonal. As a society, we have to watch out for the pitfalls of advancement and strive to keep the human element in our health and wellness. Regardless of this potential, we should celebrate the truly remarkable technology that has developed in the world today.



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