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Wellness Wednesday: Health Coach Benefits

There is a word that many women tend to avoid when it comes to their health endeavors: Accountability.  What exactly does it mean, anyway?  It means that you don’t get to slack off privately.  It means that, once a week, someone will be “reading your mail,” asking questions about your victories (and your failures), and helping you to do better in the coming seven days…if you’ve decided to use a coach, that is.  That’s not so bad, is it?  No.  In fact, it’s wonderfully empowering!

What Is A Heath Coach?

Years ago I was a Weight Loss Counselor at Jenny Craig.  Today they are called consultants, likely to avoid the “therapy” implications.  There were days that I felt like a therapist, a mentor, and a health coach.  Many of my clients would involve me with other areas of their lives; including, marital, emotional, jobs, and other relationships.  The point being that losing weight and any other health-related change is a holistic event.  In other words, it takes all of you to get the job done, not just the physical body.  A health or wellness coach can help you see how to get there efficiently.

A Health Coach leads the client to priorities and then guides them to doable strategies to reach the goal that has been set – a shepherd of sort.  Sounds simple enough.  Well, it is simple, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any easier to do the work required to make true change.  However, many women are hiring these professionals to assist them on their health journeys.

How Do I Choose One?

Like any other professional, health coaches are all different; they have varying personalities, skill levels, and degree of patience for their clients.  Because of this truth, you have to feel right about the person with which you will be sharing some personal information and possibly a lot of time.  They need to be compatible with you and your situation.  Good coaches will always offer a free session for you to determine whether they are a good fit or not.  Don’t settle for someone that you don’t mesh with.  And if you do find that you have hired the wrong one, simply end the professional relationship and move on.

How Much Do They Cost?

To hire a private Wellness Coach you will likely pay somewhere between $50-$150 per hour or a package price that would be pre-determined according to your needs.  Keep in mind that these fees can run even higher depending on the person’s specialty and experience.  Is it worth it?  Personally, I think so.  I’m a little biased though since I am working on developing my own coaching business.  And, no, this post is not a personal ad for my services.  I just want you to be aware of resources that could help you be healthier.  You will have to determine whether coaching services are valuable to you.  Some coaches may offer a short-term “trial” program for those who have hesitation about a longer commitment.  Just make sure to ask all of the questions up front so you don’t have any surprises down the road.

Vast Array of Coaching Specialists

Just in case you wondered what kind of coaching services are available, I thought I’d name a few interesting specialists.

Weight Loss
Childbirth (Doula)
Shopping (Fun)
End of Life

And the list goes on…

It’s easy to see, if you have a need and want help, you can be coached by someone.  How do you feel about paying for assistance with your life endeavors?  Have you ever used a coach for any of the above special areas?  Please share your thoughts on the subject.  Be well-be beautiful.

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