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3 Doable Ways To Break Into The Entertainment Industry

Though the entertainment industry isn’t usually considered a solid, safe option for job security, it does pose significant variety and potential. If working in the entertainment field is your dream, however, you might very well consider passing up various job possibilities that are more secure. If this is the case, I recommend researching all that you can about how to break into the entertainment industry.

First, you might look at what jobs would put you close to or in the middle of the field. For example, if you want to be a singer or actor but lack experience, you could take on a job in administration or another technical position until your big break happens. Here are a few tips to help you get closer to your dreams.

Break Into the Entertainment Industry #1: Be Visible

This tip is based on remembering that small things can lead to big dreams. That’s why, even though you may not get a job “entertaining” at first, stay positive and be sharp at whatever you are doing. If you are a server at a restaurant, be the best one you can. While you search for auditions and opportunities at companies like AuditionsHQ, stay visible by taking a position that gets you seen. These jobs might include, hotel clerk, server, a valet driver, or any number of other positions in front of the public. 

Break Into the Entertainment Industry #2: Do What You’re Good At

Consider, as well, that being an actor or singer aren’t the only ways to be in the entertainment industry. Perhaps you are an excellent writer and want to write about celebrities or other entertaining topics. If that’s the case, look for guest posting opportunities on blogs and even journalism sites. They are always eager for new writers, hoping to make their impression on the entertainment biz. 

Maybe a director once told you that you shouldn’t be acting but be singing. This scenario might require you to be a little flexible with your dreams. I do believe that you should follow your heart but always pay attention to what the universe says to you along the way. Detours and things that seem unfortunate at the time just might be the best thing for you.

Break Into the Entertainment Industry #3: Brand Yourself

Use social media, Youtube, and blogs to build a personal brand that people notice. Entertainment companies and casting agencies look for people who already have a following. A brilliant example of how effective this can be would be the casting for the movie The Age of Adaline. This film required an actor who could be a young version of a character that Harrison Ford played.  They actually cast an actor who was a rather great imitator of the actor on Youtube. While the actor’s original plan was to get cast in the massive Han Solo prequel, this wasn’t a bad second prize. It shows just how powerful this type of branding can be, particularly when you have supporters behind you.

Social Media

Social media can also be a great tool for building yourself in the public eye. Follow people in the entertainment industry, retweet them and comment on stories about them. You never know who may end up in your friend circle or that of your contacts.


A blog can be used to show off your passion for the entertainment industry. Really, the cost to you for this type of self-promotion is your time and a few bucks a month in hosting fees. It will be well worth it to get noticed in this highly competitive industry.


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