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3 Savvy Options For A Small Seaside Business

When it comes to opening a new business, there’s a lot to think about and consider, especially when your concept involves opening a seaside business. The idea of starting a seaside business might be extremely appealing, however, there are specific pros and cons of doing so. It’s also important to understand that, as with starting any new business, you’ll be required to work through the required legal and safety steps. Here are a few ideas for a small seaside business.

A Seaside Inn or Air B&B

One option for launching a business at the seaside is to open a guesthouse for locals or out-of-town guests. This could be a great business option, especially if you own property that you don’t live in yourself. With Air B&Bs becoming so popular, you have a chance to create an income without having to man an inn full-time. Make sure to check the local laws and requirements for running this type of business.

If you are acquiring property for an inn, make sure to choose a location that’s in a popular area or at least close to desired amenities like the beach, shopping, restaurants, and other attractions. 

Also, consider choosing a property with a garden that backs up to the beach or other beautiful surroundings. If you do opt to buy this type of property, make sure that it has a concrete seawall that is properly sealed and protected. The other thing that will help you  see success is to keep your property updated and clean. If you need to remodel, have your customers in mind when planning any construction or renovations.

Snack Stand/Food Truck

If you’re someone who is a real people person and enjoy working with food, another option for launching a business at the seaside could be a snack stand or food truck. The great thing about snack stands and food trucks is that there are so many options to offer customers. The seaside attracts all sorts of people who would want anything from dessert and coffee to gourmet sandwiches. Consider ice cream and other cold beverages and treats as well. Just make sure to pick a niche that is unique and not represented by other merchants in the area. Don’t forget to offer samples to generate more sales. 

Sports Rental Service 

Another great business concept for the seaside could be a sports rental service. You could set up a service that rents out a range of seaside sporting equipment like kayaks, surfboards, jet skis, boats, and bicycles. This kind of service tends to be extremely popular in beach locations because it appeals to many types of people of varying ages. Do make sure that you cover all legal aspects of doing a business of this type. Remember, customer safety is of the utmost importance. It is, therefore, imperative that you only use top-notch equipment that is maintained well.


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